• Tell more to your visitors about the product by using Product videos extension

    All our modules help you to improve your store usability. Let us catch you up with new great idea for your Magento store product page! The point is that to show much more product’s advantages to your customers, is the most effective way to encourage them to buy. Say Yes to the display of product video right on the product page. It will make the page more informative and attractive. New visitors will surely stop their eyes on the video. By adding the video gallery you can give users a lot of reasons to buy the product. That finally will help them to take positive purchase decision.


    What else? Here are some things that show you all the extension features:

    • Using two layout types that can be switched optionally in configuration. So, you can set the video thumbnails under the product images or in tabs.
    • Changing the width and the height popup window settings.
    • Customizing a size of the video thumbnail.
    • Set up of embedded video transition, transition speed and overlay opacity configs.

    Wanna to make a product page more efficient using the videos? Just check the Product Videos extension! Quite soon you will see the increase of conversion rate of your product pages. If you’re still hesitating, please notice, that our new extension is fully integrated with default magento zoom, ProZoom, Lightbox Pro, Easy Lightbox and Ultimo (Infortis) CloudZoom.

    So, now you can easily place the embed video at the product page in your Magento store. Go to https://templates-master.com/magento-product-videos-module.html and let us to help in driving your website’s revenue.

  • Make your store more interactive with new absolutely free Testimonials extension!

    We do need to fill you in on very great and useful Magento extension. It will help you to monitor the user’s impressions about your store placing testimonials form. If you’re really interested to know how customers estimate your store services - let's allow them to post testimonials at your store!


    Want to hear something more? So, welcome to figure out some of important plugin features for your users first. Testimonials extension will help them:

    • Add new testimonials in your Magento store without logging in
    • Submit their Facebook, Twitter, website or company information
    • Rate your store services on a 5-point scale
    • Spread customers activity at your store

    So, you see? It’s actually great idea to try this new extension in order to make your customers more pleased with your store offerings. You know, because by placing reviews from your satisfied customers, you will surely transform your sales into advertising for your store.


    Let’s talk about Testimonials backend. The configuration provides wide range of different settings of testimonials list and submit form. You can use the default Magento widget interface in order to to place testimonials widgets. Additionally you can specify the number of testimonials in widget as well as to change animation duration. Be sure, you will get an email notification each time a testimonial is submitted for review.

    Here are some more options, that can help you to improve the process of testimonials’ submit:

    • Support of multi store and multi language setup
    • Optional fields for customers such as rating, image, company, website, twitter, facebook links
    • Using the default Magento feature to stop spam using ReCaptcha

    Push your customers to post their reviews. This is really effective way to increase your store credibility. Go to https://templates-master.com/free-magento-testimonials-extension.html and quite soon you will meet happy clients!

  • Make your store faster with Magento CDN extension

    Our new CDN extension allows you deeply integrate your Magento store with CDN networks and greatly decrease your store page load time.

    Magento is a leading ecommerce platform now used by a large number of both large and small ecommerce companies. But one of the biggest challenges for major part of store owners is making Magento faster without spending large budget on hosting resources. It’s quite obvious that slow Magento websites will cost sales and it will got your customers down. An easy and low cost way of increasing your store performance is incorporating a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for distribution of your media content to your visitors.

    Our Magento CDN plugin will help you to integrate most popular CDN providers in your Magento store. Installation and configuration is quite easy and all your need to do is simply select right settings in Magento Admin Panel after uploading files. CDN implementation will lets your visitors benefit from faster page loads that will lead to increased sales conversions.

    Our extension allows you to host and distribute product images, categories images, javascript and CSS files on a separate server. This will improve your page load time by moving multiple files request from your server to content delivery network. In case you store has a large amount of traffic then using a CDN will also help you decrease bandwidth cost. CDN also allows to benefit from accessing content from geographically distributed datacenters that will also allows to make page load faster even for customers from other continents.

    Please find more detailson the Magento CDN extension page.

  • Case Study: IPcam-shop.nl IP cams and home automation in Hoofddorp, Netherlands

    In the current post of our case studies we are really excited to tell story of our client operating several stores selling IP cams and home automation products at IPcam-shop.nl and HomeAutomation-shop.nl.


    We started in April 2010 with IPcam-shop.nl after we found that the IP camera product assortment was upcoming but that there were only a few web shops in the Netherlands which sold affordable IP camera products for home users and small businesses. We started shipping from home (as many web shops do in their start-up phase), but after a nice growth path we outsourced the logistics to an external warehouse. After another full year of successful growth we decided to insource again the logistics and we moved to an own office/warehouse and hired up to 4 people currently speaking. Last month we had the opportunity to extend our product assortment via the acquisition of the web shop HomeAutomation-shop, which is also an upcoming product assortment and in which we have a lot of confidence to become successful as well.

    Can you tell us more about your business and ecommerce experience?

    My background is rather technical. I have worked in the mobile communications industry as engineer mobile/3G within some large companies for years. I had no experience at all in ecommerce but I like to learn and study and made myself familiar with it as it came. Also I look at my web shops as being a customer myself so very critical and always looking for improvements.

    Why you have chosen Magento?

    I got this advice from a colleague worker at my previous job who was some sort familiar within Ecommerce.

    What our products do you use?

    Why did you decide to start working with Templates Master’s extensions and templates?

    As soon as we launched our business I started searching for a template to use in Magento and I came across Magento Classic Theme which was and still is a very famous Magento module developed by TM. The support and service from TM was something I never experienced within any other company.

    As a result I started to look at useful modules from TM and we found many TM modules which add value to our web shop and especially the Fire Checkout module which we are using for years now.

    Can you share any results of using FIre Checkout??

    We can look back at the history and noticed a 15-20% increase of orders one month after we started with Fire Checkout. The nice thing about Fire Checkout is that it is improving so often, many improvements have been included since the initial version.

    What is your favorite Fire Checkout feature?

    Definitely the layout! It is very clean and neat and does not distract from the main goal on every checkout page, to finish and pay the order by your customers.

    What other Fire Checkout feature you would suggest to focus on?

    As many improvements/new features already have been included I cannot think of anything right now.

    Can you give advice to beginners in ecommerce?

    You need to have a lot of energy and be eager to learn many aspects of e-commerce in your route to launch your website and have the first order.

    Do you have any special offer for our clients?

    Yes, all the customers who read this can have 5% discount via the voucher code: templates5 on any order in our web shops: Home Automation shop or IP-camera store

    In case you are interested in posting your story about using our products, you can contact us using our contact form.

  • Magento hosting in Amazon AWS cloud

    Today we are glad to announce launch of our new service Mage2Cloud.com. From the first day we started to use Magento as a platform for our own projects and for many of our clients, we have tried to use different types of hosting environment. We initially started with simple shared hosting and virtual dedicated hosting. As soon as the number of our clients grew up to more than 30 000, we decided to switch to dedicated servers.

    Each hosting technology we tried had its pros and cons but we were never fully satisfied with the results. After some trials and errors, we decided to try Amazon Clouds Technology for hosting our projects. For the last 6 months, we have been testing and improving our technologies, optimizing database settings and web server software. We have already received dozens of requests and questions from our clients who are interested in using our hosting provider for their own projects. Having completed the final tests and being satisfied with the results of Amazon AWS for our projects, we consider that it’s now time to share our expertise and help our worldwide clients to take advantage of using cloud AWS infrastructure. Don't hesitate to create your own hosting and to take control of your hosting environment as it’s free to try!

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