Make your store more interactive with new absolutely free Testimonials extension!

We do need to fill you in on very great and useful Magento extension. It will help you to monitor the user’s impressions about your store placing testimonials form. If you’re really interested to know how customers estimate your store services - let's allow them to post testimonials at your store!


Want to hear something more? So, welcome to figure out some of important plugin features for your users first. Testimonials extension will help them:

  • Add new testimonials in your Magento store without logging in
  • Submit their Facebook, Twitter, website or company information
  • Rate your store services on a 5-point scale
  • Spread customers activity at your store

So, you see? It’s actually great idea to try this new extension in order to make your customers more pleased with your store offerings. You know, because by placing reviews from your satisfied customers, you will surely transform your sales into advertising for your store.


Let’s talk about Testimonials backend. The configuration provides wide range of different settings of testimonials list and submit form. You can use the default Magento widget interface in order to to place testimonials widgets. Additionally you can specify the number of testimonials in widget as well as to change animation duration. Be sure, you will get an email notification each time a testimonial is submitted for review.

Here are some more options, that can help you to improve the process of testimonials’ submit:

  • Support of multi store and multi language setup
  • Optional fields for customers such as rating, image, company, website, twitter, facebook links
  • Using the default Magento feature to stop spam using ReCaptcha

Push your customers to post their reviews. This is really effective way to increase your store credibility. Go to and quite soon you will meet happy clients!

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