Magento hosting in Amazon AWS cloud

Today we are glad to announce launch of our new service From the first day we started to use Magento as a platform for our own projects and for many of our clients, we have tried to use different types of hosting environment. We initially started with simple shared hosting and virtual dedicated hosting. As soon as the number of our clients grew up to more than 30 000, we decided to switch to dedicated servers.

Each hosting technology we tried had its pros and cons but we were never fully satisfied with the results. After some trials and errors, we decided to try Amazon Clouds Technology for hosting our projects. For the last 6 months, we have been testing and improving our technologies, optimizing database settings and web server software. We have already received dozens of requests and questions from our clients who are interested in using our hosting provider for their own projects. Having completed the final tests and being satisfied with the results of Amazon AWS for our projects, we consider that it’s now time to share our expertise and help our worldwide clients to take advantage of using cloud AWS infrastructure. Don't hesitate to create your own hosting and to take control of your hosting environment as it’s free to try!

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