• Mobile Star - Android and Iphone theme for Magento

    It’s no surprise that most of your visitors are now equipped with mobile phones such as iPhones or Android devices. According to Forrester Research Mobile commerce is expected to reach $10 billion by the end of 2012 year only in US. And it’s easy to understand why 30% percent of all retailers already implemented mobile presence.

    Don’t loose your chance to keep contact with your customers while they are using their phones. We have created Mobile Star Magento theme that will help you join new e-commerce revolution and build your mobile presence just in 5 minutes. Mobile Star is specially designed Magento theme that will work on iPhone, Android and any other advanced phone.

    Mobile Start theme will help you:

    • Increase your market reach
    • Build your mobile presence with minimum investment
    • Seamless cross-device shopping experience

    Please find more information on the Magento Mobile Start theme page.

  • Social Suite - Facebook & Google social networks integration

    One of the greatest changes in ecommerce recently is rapid growth of social ecommerce. If you run an online store then you already know that most part of your customers already active on social networks. Right now Facebook have more than 800 million active users and average user has 130 friends. Don't miss this huge opportunity to build tight relationships with your customers and get new customers via social networks.

    Your satisfied customers are your best advertisers. With Social Suite your customers will be able to share their wishlist, orders and reviews, like your products and categories and post comments on your products pages. That will create create a social buzz around your store and easily attract new customers and increase number of social signals to search engines. Using Facebook or Google accounts in order to login will make registration process easy and fast.

    Social Suite will help you:

    • Increase your visibility in social networks
    • Turn your customers into advertisers
    • Simplify registration process
    • Help you in your social link building strategy
    • Increase number of social signals for search engines

    Please find more information on the Magento Social Suite page.

  • Affiliate Suite - complete affiliate solution for your Magento store

    Are you looking for an effective way to increase your sales and drive high quality traffic to your Magento store? There is no better way than affiliate marketing in such case. Since you pay when a sale is made, your advertising budget is being used more efficiently compared to any other advertising method. By investing a few dollars you can easily increase the number of visitors to your Web site and significantly increase sales.

    Find out more about at extension products page Affiliate Suit extension demo

  • Magento Elastic Premium Template is now available!

    We are proud to announce new premium magento theme. Elastic is a new revolutionary template with improved SEO compatibility. It's based on 2 column home page layout with image slider, additional products blocks on main page and fluid layout. This template can be used for any store that need clean and corporate look with improved SEO compatibility and user interface. JavaScript slider on front page is easy to use and also SEO friendly.

    Check Elastic Premium Magento theme demo at our demo store or buy it right now at Templates Master Store.

    Elastic Premium theme

    Elastic Premium Magento Theme features

    • Fluid layout.
    • Tremendously Improved SEO compatibility.
    • Improved HTML structure for better SEO performance (right usage of heading tags and other SEO important tags).
    • Added nofollow attribute for non SEO links (layered navigation, categories listing, shopping cart links and product compare links).
    • Built with CSS sprites
    • 2-1-3 columns layout for better SEO performance.
    • Image slider on main page.
    • Newsletter subscribe block on main page.
    • Custom powerfull widget with new, bestsellers, special offer and on sale products on main page.
    • Improved product listing toolbar on categories listing page.
    • Design based on 960 grid system.
  • Fire Checkout 2: How This Magento Checkout Extension Can Improve Business

    There are different ways to increase effectiveness of a business website and improve conversions among customers. These include tactics such as optimizing the site for search engines, improving website navigation, providing high-resolution photos of products and utilizing a single-click scheme for basic shop functions like adding and removing items to carts, or saving items in a wishlist for future reference.

    However, one of the most important elements that can determine the success of an e-commerce store is the nature of the site’s checkout process. This final step towards purchase is crucial; any feature that makes checkout a hassle can easily put off customers and cause them to discontinue shopping. Thankfully, there are modules that specifically address this issue. Fire Checkout 2 is Magento checkout extension that can be used to modify checkout features to enhance online shopping. Listed below are some of the checkout features that can be improved using this application:

    Layout: The Fire Checkout 2 allows business owners to choose between a three-column or two-column layout. The three-column layout is ideal for those who want to fit all checkout steps into a single page, allowing customers to view all information relevant to their purchase all in one page. This single-page layout, however, may appear complicated to some users. In this case, companies can choose the two-column layout.

    Customer contact details: Fire Checkout 2 features geolocation support, which allows companies to detect a customer’s location and automatically fill in address forms using data gathered from geolocation technology. This essentially gives customers one step less to accomplish, allowing them to finish the checkout process much faster.

    Add-ons and removals: An important element of any checkout form is the checkout review pane. Here, buyers must be given the option to easily remove or add items in their shopping cart, in case they change their minds about the purchase. In addition, a running total of the purchase should be presented to the buyer to guide him during purchase. In case a customer buys multiple items, pictures of the products in the checkout review are necessary as this can help buyers identify the product easily.

    Comment box: Although the company can offer many options during checkout to cater to users’ preferences, in some cases, a buyer may have special requests or inquiries regarding their purchase. For such instances, a comment box is handy. Fire Checkout 2 makes it easier for business owners to include a comment box into their checkout page.

    Payment, delivery date and shipping options: Fire Checkout 2 supports multiple options for payment and shipping. These include commonly used payment and shipping options such as PayPal, Google Checkout, FedEx and DHL, as well as other services. The module  also enables integration of third-party modules, allowing customers to earn points or use gift certificates.

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