Increase your store sales with Fire Checkout 2.7 and new order attachment module

Today we'd like to inform you about new Fire Checkout 2.7.0 release. It comes with good fixes, which will help you to perfect your store checkout page. Here they are:

  • Removed possible duplicated ajax requests, when save billing address is used
  • Fixed region field reset, when changing country
  • Fixed USPS address verification logic

However, the most important thing for today you need to know about is how to attach files to the order. Welcome to check new Order Attachments module included in Fire Checkout. It was created for Magento in order to help customers add files without third-party modules.

The module allows you to include attachment links to the email template. It is completely secure. All attachments are protected from public access and are accessible via private generated links only. Users are allowed to attach files quickly without whole page reload. Attachments are permitted in Additional information section on checkout page. For better usability, the list of allowed file's extensions is shown next.


Attachments are also visible on the Guest Order View and on Customer Order View pages.

The Order Attachments module is easily configurable. It allows you to search, edit, download or remove attachments on the order attachments page. In addition, you can edit attachment comments, upload new attachments or delete them by using separate tab of the Order View edit page. A complete list of module's features can be found in Fire Checkout manual

Moreover, the following integrations with third-party services are now available:

  • 2Checkout payment
  • MW_RewardPoints
  • AW_GiftCard integration updated
  • Ebizmarts_SagepaymentsPro
  • RedPandaPlus_OrderAttachments

Bring easy experience for customers who need friendly checkout form with Fire Checkout 2.7.0 release news. We are always pleased to get your comments.

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