• Support update for free templates and modules


    From April 4 we are going to offer support for all our free modules and free Magento templates via our community Magento forum.

    Got installed free modules? If you need an assistance in downloading, installing, updating and other information related to these extensions, you’re going to get this. We do provide a support for our free modules via forum. It was launched for sharing effective solutions for problem solving.

    For more than 7 years we have been developing free templates and modules. Feel free to check them out:

    • Absolute Magento template - more than 78 000 downloads
    • Classic Magento template - more than 98 000 downloads
    • Easy Catalog Images - more than 11 000 downloads
    • Facebook Like Button - more than 14 000 downloads
    • Easy Tabs - more than 42 000 downloads
    • Testimonials - more than 1 000 downloads
    • SMTP Email - more than 4 000 downloads
    • Easy Lightbox - more than 73 000 downloads
    • Easy Flags - more than 4 000 downloads

    The number of downloads on Magento Connect marketplace is continuously growing. The total popularity score is over 220 198. As a bonus we keep providing a professional support for free extensions including the help with common questions about Magento.

    You are most welcome to ask in our forum. Other users who’s been working with the same issues would help you to resolve. You are also invited to share your ideas if you have experienced with the problem with module and become more knowledgeable about this topic. This will improve understanding of magento community questions.

    Register for SwissUpLabs and watch forum space for latest discussions and replies.

  • Meet Argento 2 beta release: Most advanced Magento 2 template created ever.


    Now you can start with Essence design formerly known as Argento which was fully reworked for Magento 2. It is customizable for any kind of store. Responsive design will help you to catch more and more clients. Feeling inspired with the latest ecommerce platform we try to follow M2 ideas. That’s why our template has been implemented with Font Awesome 4, LESS, CSS3, HTML5, Javascript carousel, etc.

    Current release is still waiting to be improved and published. We keep on working hard on it. View a demo http://demomagento2.argentotheme.com/ of our first Magento 2 template and share your feedback at our blog. This will help us to create better release. You have great chance to see your ideas or requirements in final Argento Essence release.

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  • Improve your sales strategy with Daily Deal extension

    What are some of the most common points people face while browsing? Vivid images? Yep. Any discount? So that’s exactly what users are looking for. Most of potential customers spend hours online every day in order to find advantageous deal and buy what they dream about. Why not to help users make a decision more quickly.


    Catch visitors with appealing daily deal block. Tell them there is the best deal for today only. You can show users a specific time limit within that customers have to make an order. Embed a countdown timer next to daily deals. It acts as a subconscious trigger to complete the purchase.

    As you probably can guess today's post is about our new Daily Deals extension created for Magento platform. We’d like to share with you this win win way to increase your sales.

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  • Magento requires PHP 5.4+!

    Some of our customers keep stumbling upon serious issue. It’s an impossibility to edit or view orders in store backend. Analyzing root cause of the problem we’ve identified this in the following file /app/code/core/Mage/Adminhtml/Helper/Sales.php
    This file was changed over Magento release. You can see the difference between the previous and current versions on screenshot below. Please notice, only the problematic part of the code is displayed.

    public function escapeHtmlWithLinks($data, $allowedTags = null)
    -if (is_string($data) && is_array($allowedTags) && in_array('a', $allowedTags)) {
    -$links = array();
    +if (!empty($data) && is_array($allowedTags) && in_array('a', $allowedTags)) {
    +$links = [];
     . . .
     . . .
     . . .

    First thing you should mention before updating to Magento is to check with your hosting provider if PHP version is 5.4 or higher.

  • Case Study: Beaver Industrial Supply

    Welcome! Today we’d like to share a story of another great company that we are proud to work with.

    Beaver Industrial Supply history

    Beaver Industrial Supply (BIS) was founded in Saint Louis, Missouri in 1986 as a manufacturing company. In 1996 the company changed ownership and a new corporate direction was established. Service through technology. The www.beavertools.com domain name was purchased in 1996 and the first shopping cart website established in 2000. Well ahead of most of our competitors.
    The company was one of the first major online sellers of woodworking products in the U.S. Since then, Beaver Industrial Supply has added additional quality products and product lines such as Festool, Jet Tools, Powermatic, Mirka Abrasives, Amana Tools, SawTrax, Triton Tools, Fein Tools, Imperial Blades, Kreg Tools and more, to its online store(s).


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