Partnership program

Templates Master is offering partnership opportunity to every company or person or working in e-commerce services and consulting.

Our company is one of the most popular suppliers of Magento extensions and templates available on the market from initial Magento release in 2008. Focused for last 5 years only on Magento we are proud to have 30 000 customers worldwide with more than 300 000 products downloads. Our customers can chose from more than 100 Magento products created by experienced Magento developers.

Join our partner program and increase your revenue and customer satisfaction! Check detailed partner program description below in order to find out how to start.

How does it work?

We are offering flexible conditions for consulting agencies, web hostings and freelances. You can chose either partner reseller program or join our affiliate program. We are taking care of support requests and installations.

How partner reseller program is working?

It’s really simple. After registering as customer and applying for reseller program You can directly buy our products for your clients. You will (Bronze partner - 20%, Silver partner - 25%, Gold partner - 35%) that depend on your sales for last 6 months. We are taking care of support requests and installations.

How affiliate program is working?

You should register as affiliate. After that you can use our banners and affiliate links to drive customers to our site. You will get 25% from each order placed by referred customer. So for each Fire Checkout license you will get 47$.

How to benefit from partner program?

  • Special prices from reseller and affiliate commission for affiliates
  • Get partner listing
  • Exposure at our blog for gold and silver members
  • Dedicated support and consulting

What is better for me?

Consulting and web development

Consulting and web development companies usually start with reseller programs. You can also list information about our products at your site so your customers can checking information about our products without living your site. You are not limited of using our affiliate program also and simply direct your clients to our store.

Magento freelancers & blogs

The most popular way for freelancers and blogs is using our affiliate program. Right after you join our affiliate program, you will be able to use our affiliate links and banners with your affiliate id in them. All sales made via those links will be automatically placed on your affiliate account.

Magento hosting company

Using our affiliate program is the most common solution for Magento hosting company. It’s quite easy way to increase your revenue. We are also open to other types of partnership so simply contact us so we can discuss your ideas.

How to get started?

  • Please prepare basic information about your company and contact us at contact page.
  • In case you decided to go with partner reseller program then register as customer and contact us so we can upgrade your account and assign your to Partner program.
  • In case you decided to go with affiliate program then simply register as affiliate and start selling

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