• Improve your sales strategy with Daily Deal extension

    What are some of the most common points people face while browsing? Vivid images? Yep. Any discount? So that’s exactly what users are looking for. Most of potential customers spend hours online every day in order to find advantageous deal and buy what they dream about. Why not to help users make a decision more quickly.


    Catch visitors with appealing daily deal block. Tell them there is the best deal for today only. You can show users a specific time limit within that customers have to make an order. Embed a countdown timer next to daily deals. It acts as a subconscious trigger to complete the purchase.

    As you probably can guess today's post is about our new Daily Deals extension created for Magento platform. We’d like to share with you this win win way to increase your sales.

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  • Increase number of customer reviews using Reviews Reminder Magento extension

    Each store owner aims to improve the conversion rate of the store and earn more money. Why not use reviews power in order to gain that. The Reevoo company as an independent review service provider affirmed that even 20 reviews start cranking of conversion rate. Each of the next reviews makes your website closer to the most-visited websites. In addition, reviews buzz generates click-through rate growth. Apart from the traffic a high CTR will help you to define whether the store content is relevant according to SEO conditions. According to Marketing Sherpa you can get SEO rankings up to 53% higher by adding user-generated content to your website.


    How to get more reviews on your website?

    Today we’d like you to meet our new Review Reminder extension. Our goal is to help you get more useful reviews in order to make web-pages popular than ever. Welcome to try out the module and help your website get the following benefits:

    • Higher conversion rate
    • Growth in consumers traffic and store sales
    • Improved customers trust
    • Additional assistance in selecting products in your store

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  • 28 Magento One step checkout extensions for your store

    Thinking about weighty points of the store functionality, we would like to focus on the importance of the checkout page's performance. This final step can be a successful bargain, but sometimes it fails. Being browsed some stores we have met the default magento checkout pages with a lot of boring steps before placing an order.

    Honestly speaking, the nagging Continue button suggested the idea of abandoning the page and actually forget about the purchase in that web-store. Of course, it brings hassle to every online store owners….and they start looking for expedient solution that could decrease the abandonment rate. That is why many Magento developers are discovering different ways to facilitate user’s checkout experience. Multiple features have been integrating lately in order to improve the page’s usability and to speed up the order placing process. Meet some of them:

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  • Increase your store sales with Fire Checkout 2.7 and new order attachment module

    Today we'd like to inform you about new Fire Checkout 2.7.0 release. It comes with good fixes, which will help you to perfect your store checkout page. Here they are:

    • Removed possible duplicated ajax requests, when save billing address is used
    • Fixed region field reset, when changing country
    • Fixed USPS address verification logic

    However, the most important thing for today you need to know about is how to attach files to the order. Welcome to check new Order Attachments module included in Fire Checkout. It was created for Magento in order to help customers add files without third-party modules.

    The module allows you to include attachment links to the email template. It is completely secure. All attachments are protected from public access and are accessible via private generated links only. Users are allowed to attach files quickly without whole page reload. Attachments are permitted in Additional information section on checkout page. For better usability, the list of allowed file's extensions is shown next.


    Attachments are also visible on the Guest Order View and on Customer Order View pages.

    The Order Attachments module is easily configurable. It allows you to search, edit, download or remove attachments on the order attachments page. In addition, you can edit attachment comments, upload new attachments or delete them by using separate tab of the Order View edit page. A complete list of module's features can be found in Fire Checkout manual

    Moreover, the following integrations with third-party services are now available:

    • 2Checkout payment
    • MW_RewardPoints
    • AW_GiftCard integration updated
    • Ebizmarts_SagepaymentsPro
    • RedPandaPlus_OrderAttachments

    Bring easy experience for customers who need friendly checkout form with Fire Checkout 2.7.0 release news. We are always pleased to get your comments.

  • Improve your Magento page load time with Page Speed extension

    As you know, we got used to provide you with exactly what you need. Today we come up with new powerful extension. Say Yes to Page Speed module. It was developed to improve the web-page loading time. Let's offer customers the store with the fastest overall performance. Time has become a precious commodity. Visitors prefer to find the information at the first oneset. If you take care about their wishes, you will probably implement all possible tools in order to create effective experience for your customers. Welcome to check new Page Speed extension. It will help you to reduce page loading time and increase your Google rankings.


    Essential module's features are:

    • Lazy Load image filter integration
    • Image optimization with Smush.it service
    • Configurable Html compression
    • Integration with Javascript and CSS files compression tools is supported
    • Expires Headers enabling

    Using the power of HTML content, Javascript and CSS files minification, you will get the faster page load time and reduced bandwidth usage. Get the optimized HTML code with the HTML content minification settings. The extension allows you to compress the content using Minify library or light-weight algorithm. In order to enable JS code compression, the extension provides you with Jsmin, Jsmin Plus, Yui and Closure compiler tools. You are also allowed to select the Default, Cssmin and Yui tools to minify Css resource. Moreover, Yui and Closure Compiler settings can be changed according to your requirements.

    In addition, our extension comes with Gifsicle, Jpegoptim and OptiPNG packages for the best image optimization. By implementing Page Speed features you will also get the decreased bounce rate of your website. Don't dally off this write-up! Check out the Page Speed plugin and be ahead of competitors.

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