• Easy Color Swatches for Magento

    Are you selling products in different colors or design? Then Easy Colors Swatches will help your customers to understand how your products will look in each different variation. Simply assign any image from product gallery to each attribute value and get ready image switcher on your store products page. Easy Color Swatches provide easy and flexible way to create professional looking color swatches for your Magento store.

    Check Magento Easy Color Swatches demo and find out more details at extension products pageEasy Color Swatches demo

  • Fire Checkout - True One page Checkout for Magento with 1 click to buy option support

    Checkout process is the most important and complicated part of any e-commerce website.

    A checkout process with several complicated steps and form elements usually leads to losing your customers. Because of this, they will abandon their shopping cart selections. This is why keeping a checkout form simple is one of the best ways you can help your customers place an order quickly. This also helps increase your sales.

    The fire checkout extension provides a fully customisable checkout page with ajax powered page updates. The customer's city and country location minimizes the number of steps they need to place an order for new customers. As for registered customers, the checkout process has been made even faster! Fire Checkout helps them to place their orders with just one click using the predefined billing and shipping settings.

    Fire Checkout provides full support for all payment and shipping methods. No core modification is needed to install your new One Page Checkout solution.

    Improve your store checkout process and increase your sales today with Fire Checkout. Spend less effort and still get more customers. Start improving your store today and get an immediate increase in sales!


    Please find more information on the Magento Fire Checkout page.

  • Prolabels - Product labels made easy

    Attracting customers attention to featured products and special offers is easiest way to increase sales and improve inventory management. Are you looking for an easy way to add "Save 49$" labels to your sale items or notify your customers about clearance? Prolabels provide easy and flexible way to create professional looking call-to-action labels for your Magento store.

    Creating labels for your sales or new products is really easy. Use either default extension labels or uploading your own and create custom message with dynamic generated values. Say your customers how much they will save with your special deals or notify them about low stock products.


    Please find more information on the Magento Prolabel Extension page.

  • Magento Ask It! - Professional products questions

    Looking for a way to bring your customer communicatation to a new level? Or do you want to add user generated content to your products pages? Then AskIt is what you are looking for! Check new professional approach to handle customer questions at Magento powered stores.

    Customer ususaly ask same question again and again. Transform this frustrating task to your store's advantage with Askit. Instead of answering questions again and again you can create you own products knowledge base. AskIt will save countless hours spent on customer support answering same questions. Already answered products questions and answer will help to increase chance of converting your visitors to customers.

    Engaging your customers into conversation will increase your understanding of your customers concerns.


    Please find more information on the Magento Askit Extension page.

  • Magento Quick Shopping with Previous and Next products links

    Would you like to assist your customers to navigate through your store products quickly with a professional AJAX interface? Are you looking for a way to improve your products page navigation?

    For these concerns, Templates Master Quick Shopping extension is the answer. Templates Master will help improve the look of your store’s interface as well as increase your customer’s satisfaction. At the same time, you get a powerful and adaptable AJAX window to help you provide complete product information on your Categories page. Quick Shopping makes shopping easier for your customers - configurable and bundle products can be added to cart right from categories page. The Previous and Next links on your products’ page will help your customers to easily navigate through the whole website in just one click. They don’t even need to return back to the main category page to do so!


    Please find more information on the Magento Quick Shopping Extension page.

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