• Case Study: Sleep Softly offering Mattress & Beds in UK

    Today we are glad to start our first case study post series with post about great company from UK Sleepsoftly.co.uk.


    We are online retail company Sleepsoftly.co.uk located in the United Kingdom and selling via our website mainly bedroom furniture products such as bedsteads, bean bags, chair beds, divan bed bases, futons, mattresses. We are a family run business based in the South West, with over twenty five years experience within the mattress and foam cutting business based here in the UK... Our background originally lies in manufacturing, but we have been spreading our wings recently and have been expanding our customer base.

    Can you tell us more about your business and ecommerce experience?

    We set up our website to sell our products to a far wider audience and we have been working with a number of partners to offer our products through wider sales channels

    Why you have chosen Magento?

    We chose Magento due to the simplicity of the back office, the direct integration of paypal, the opportunity to develop our site as we require to build it based on different functionality e.g one page checkout process vastly improved our conversion level vs the standard Magento registration format

    There are dozens of companies on the market. Why did you decided to start working with Templates Master’s extensions and templates?

    We have found the solution to a number of our issues with the extensions that Template Master have offered for example the Fire checkout has reduced the checkout process from 6 steps to 1 step...this has led to a far higher level of sales conversion and lowered the level of queries and difficulties our customers were having in completing their orders on our site...made a massive difference to the ease of payment for our customers. The great aspect with Template Masters is they also offer the service of integrating the extension fully working into our back office, so we can buy the extensions with confidence knowing they will work fully. We have also discussed with Template Master other product ideas and support requirements and they have always been forthcoming and helpful in all these areas

    What our products do you use?

    What is your favorite product?

    And short explanation why. Love the Fire checkout...due to the ease of completing orders for our customers, has vastly reduced the fall off levels and calls we have to complete orders

    Can you give advice to beginners in ecommerce?

    Yes...we have traveled a winding pathway in our journey in ecommerce and are more than happy to help people avoid the pitfalls if it helps them achieve the outcome they seek easier. I think people will like it.

    What other extensions that are not available at Templates Master you would suggest to focus on?

    One page landing page extension with fire checkout and upsell opportunities integrated into this page

    Do you have any special offer for our clients?

    Yes sure, if you live in UK then you can check our great promo with 90 x 190 mattresses. You can buy one and get one free with free postage at . Offer is valid until 5th of march 2013. You should add 2 to the cart to get the promo.

    In case you are interested in posting your store about using our products then you can contact us at our contact form

  • Protect your store backend from unauthorized access with two-step verification

    Are you looking for a way to make your store data more secure from unauthorized login and hackers attack? Check our Improved admin security module for Magento. Our extension will allow you to use two-factor authentication based on the Google Authenticator application. Verification security code except username and password will be required every admin login attempt. So even if the attackers will get your admin username and password, they will not be able to access your store admin unless they have a security code provided by Google Authenticator. The unique code expires in a short amount of time for security purposes.

    Extension configuration is really easy. All you need to do is to go to admin user management interface and scan QR code generated for you. Then you should insert verification key generated on your mobile phone. That's it! Now your admin user account is protected against unauthorized logins.

    Improved admin security will help you:

    • Increase your store admin security.
    • Prevent customer data theft

    Please find more information on the Magento Improved admin security page.

  • Free installation for all our commercial products

    Today we are glad to announce that from December 1 we are offering free installation on all commercial products. The decision was quite obvious. Every day we were getting questions and requests about installing our templates and extensions on existing stores and custom themes. With every new request we were more and more sure about giving all our customers free installation services. We really hope that our installation services will help our customers to get maximum profit from our products. In order to get installation services please fill installation request at our helpdesk. We do guarantee 48 hours installation turn a round for requests submitted in business days and 72 hours for weekends requests.

  • Navigation Pro - Most Powerful Magento Navigation Solution

    Site navigation is most crucial part of any e-commerce site. Small mistake or using of bad practices in navigation can greatly damage your business. With proper navigation visitors can be driven to the right products and categories in order to increase your store sales. Navigation Pro allows you to get full control over your store navigation and quickly change look and structure of it. Now every navigation feature and setting is available directly in your store admin so you don’t need anymore hire developer to modify your custom navigation. Our extension allows you build any navigation tree your need just within several minutes. Also you could add multiply navigation blocks at same time in order to make navigation easier.

    Navigation Pro will help you:

    • Improve store navigation
    • Direct your customers to the pages you want
    • Make your store more SEO friendly
    • Make store navigation update process easier

    Please find more information on the Magento Navigation Pro page.

  • Facebook Like button 2.0 is now available!

    We really glad to tell that we just released updated for one of our most popular magento extension. With recent Facebook Like button 2.0 version of extension you will get next new features:

    • Allow to place like buttons on categories pages
    • Flexible locale configuration in admin
    • Fixed problems with meta image and description information

    Please find more information on the Facebook Like Button Extension page.

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