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Looking for a way to bring your customer communicatation to a new level? Or do you want to add user generated content to your products pages? Then AskIt is what you are looking for! Check new professional approach to handle customer questions at Magento powered stores.

Customer ususaly ask same question again and again. Transform this frustrating task to your store's advantage with Askit. Instead of answering questions again and again you can create you own products knowledge base. AskIt will save countless hours spent on customer support answering same questions. Already answered products questions and answer will help to increase chance of converting your visitors to customers.

Engaging your customers into conversation will increase your understanding of your customers concerns.


Please find more information on the Magento Askit Extension page.

6 thoughts on “Magento Ask It! - Professional products questions”

  • claudio

    Is it possible to use with Easy Tabs so the product questions are inside a tab ? And How ?

  • Nick Myaskovsky

    My order # is 100012015 and i purchased the ask it! professional product questions extension. How do I integrate this extension inside easy tabs?

    • TemplatesMaster

      Please edit easytabs.xml in order to add products questions tab

      <block type="catalog/product_view_tabs" name="" as="info_tabs">
      <action method="addTab" translate="title" module="askit" ifconfig="askit/general/enabled"><alias>askit_tabbed</alias><title>Customer Questions</title><block>askit/askIt</block><template>askit/askit.phtml</template></action>
      • Nick

        Thank you for providing me the code to put on easytabs.xml to ad the ask a
        question button code for a new tab . After I added the code two problems
        came up

        PROBLEM #1: First problem is their are now two "ask a question" buttons on
        the page, one located on the top of the product page and one in the new
        QUESTION #!: How do I remove the "ask a question" button located on the
        top of product page since now I have one in the new tab ?

        PROBLEM #2: Second problem is the "ask a question" button does not open
        the ask a question form that is in the new tab. Only the "ask a question"
        button that is on the top of the product page works when clicked.
        QUESTION #2: How do I make the "ask a question" button that is in the new
        tab function properly when clicked?

        Please help me solve these two problems. After you help me I will post
        positive reviews on magento connect and on and buy
        some more modules from you.

        Warm Regards,

        • TemplatesMaster

          I think it's same issue. Pleas edit askit.xml and remove next lines

          <reference name="">
          <block type="askit/askIt" name="askit" before="-" template="askit/askit.phtml"/>


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