• Magento CE Version Upgrade Notice

    Magento release was announced on June 10.

    The most important changes were made to improved PayPal integration and the database structure of the Sales module. According to recent release notes Magento brings us also a lot of new great features and fixes. We were testing our themes and extension with recent Magento version to find possible problems for the last several days. Some parts of our templates were affected by latest release and will require modifications.

    We are planning to release upgrade patch within next week.

    We don’t recommend upgrading Magento to 1.4.1 for now.

  • Magento Facebook Like button with Open Graph support

    One of the most important marketing trend in the internet today is social networks.

    With recent Facebook OpenGraph release, it is becoming much easier to manage it.

    Join now the new Facebook social "semantic" web with a help of our free extension.

    “Facebook Like It” Magento extension provide you all advantages of this great new technology.


    Please find more information on the Facebook Like Button Extension page.

  • Magento Absolute 10 colors version released with Magento 1.4 support

    We were asked many times about date of additional colors release...

    ...today Templates Master Team is proud to announce the release of:

    10 colors version of popular Magento Absolute Theme.

    This release includes:

    • blue
    • yellow
    • grey
    • silver
    • green
    • sea green
    • red
    • pink
    • violet
    • orange

    Complete package and installation instructions are available right now.

    We are really grateful to our large community for their feedbacks and ideas, and for helping us to improve it.

  • Magento Classic 10 colors version released with Magento 1.4 support

    We are glad to announce the release of Magento Classic Theme v. In the recent version we have added support for additional 9 colors at Magento 1.4. Now you can install Classic theme and select any of 10 available colors within several minutes . No need to make colors changes and download additional files anymore. Complete package and installation instructions are available from our server or at our Magento store .

  • Corporate Star Magento New Magento Premium Template

    Looking for clean and powerful theme for your corporate store? Tired of looking for clean template with improved SEO compatibility? Then Corporate Star theme is right choice for you. Corporate Star Theme comes in 4 ready colors. Home page layout is based on 1 column home page layout with built-in image slider extension and additional products tabs extension.

    Check Corporate Star Premium Magento theme demo at our demo store or buy it right now at Templates Master


    Corporate Star Premium Magento Theme features

    • Tremendously Improved SEO compatibility.
    • 4 colors available.
    • Improved HTML structure for better SEO performance (right usage of heading tags and other SEO important tags).
    • Added nofollow attribute for non SEO links (layered navigation, categories listing, shopping cart links and product compare links).
    • Built with CSS sprites
    • 2-1-3 columns layout for better SEO performance.
    • Image slider on main page.
    • Floating toolbar with shopping cart, customer and social links.
    • Newsletter subscribe block on main page.
    • Custom powerfull widget with new, bestsellers, special offer and on sale products on main page.
    • Improved product listing toolbar on categories listing page.
    • Design based on 960 grid system.

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