Improve your sales strategy with Daily Deal extension

What are some of the most common points people face while browsing? Vivid images? Yep. Any discount? So that’s exactly what users are looking for. Most of potential customers spend hours online every day in order to find advantageous deal and buy what they dream about. Why not to help users make a decision more quickly.


Catch visitors with appealing daily deal block. Tell them there is the best deal for today only. You can show users a specific time limit within that customers have to make an order. Embed a countdown timer next to daily deals. It acts as a subconscious trigger to complete the purchase.

As you probably can guess today's post is about our new Daily Deals extension created for Magento platform. We’d like to share with you this win win way to increase your sales.

So, what you’re going to get?

Now the creation multiple deals is easier than ever. Set up the time of deal activity and apply price recalculation value. Moreover we offer you advanced module settings. Why not to specify several days and suggest weekly deals.

How to present magento daily deals faster?

Our extension comes with two fully customizable widgets. Show either random or specific products. Through Daily Deals widget settings you are allowed to design your own template for deal output. Change fonts, a background or a text. The more impressive Daily Deal would be the more feedback you’ll get.

But that's not really the whole story. What else is important?

  • The extension comes with built in Countdown timer. You are allowed to showcase the default deal timer as well as to design the custom one. There are two custom timer types available: flip timer and simple timer. Both are easy and quick to use. Display timer by using Countdown Magento widgets.
  • Daily Deals is integrated with Magento product labels extension Prolabels. Thereby you can attract visitors attention by adding remarkable label with daily deal information.
  • With our extension you’re going to double growth of your website conversion rate. We’re talking about Magento landing page building. Daily Deals provides you with popular page with today's best deals. You can also add there other promotional products. Through the extension configuration you can display the Deals link in top links block in order to help visitors search special offers within one page. We recommend you to specify meta keywords in backend to encourage search engines. We bet you’ll interest more customers and get higher conversion.

It’s absolutely clear that offering a special price leads to sales growth. If you’re going to ignore this fact more likely you’ll lost one more chance to increase your store revenue.

Hope you are close to check our new extension. We keep on developing online solutions to help your business reach new levels of success.

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