• Magento CE and SUPEE 6788 compatability notice

    As you probably know, the Magento has just released a new version some days ago. A very important thing what we’d like to focus on are new security updates. Either you upgrade your store to the latest Magento release or you run your new web-project, you need to make sure your site is not compromised. Magento cares about customers as well as about software merchants. So, magento developers are open to share with you website protection tips. Therefore we strongly recommend to use all available emerging solutions in order to avoid security risk.


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  • Magento Inline Translation complete tutorial

    Learning is never enough. But if you try to apply in practice what you want learning, it becomes a no-brainer for you.

    What we can do for you today?

    Our support experience tells you might have problems with inline translation on your magento website sometimes. Let’s clarify the issue.

    There are some ways of translating words. If you have a lot of translation work you can start with using locale files. In a nutshell, find the app/locale and choose the language you need to translate to. Then by using the text editor please open the required csv file and set changes.
    But if you need to make the instant language translations with only a few clicks, then you always have a choice. You can simply use the inline translation tool created by Magento. Once tried you will see a lot of benefits such as:

    • you are allowed either to translate or edit the whole phrases
    • you translate what you see
    • you are allowed to make language change in selected store view
    • no need to connect the ftp

    That’s why we'd like to practice use this translation tool with you today.

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  • Increase number of customer reviews using Reviews Reminder Magento extension

    Each store owner aims to improve the conversion rate of the store and earn more money. Why not use reviews power in order to gain that. The Reevoo company as an independent review service provider affirmed that even 20 reviews start cranking of conversion rate. Each of the next reviews makes your website closer to the most-visited websites. In addition, reviews buzz generates click-through rate growth. Apart from the traffic a high CTR will help you to define whether the store content is relevant according to SEO conditions. According to Marketing Sherpa you can get SEO rankings up to 53% higher by adding user-generated content to your website.


    How to get more reviews on your website?

    Today we’d like you to meet our new Review Reminder extension. Our goal is to help you get more useful reviews in order to make web-pages popular than ever. Welcome to try out the module and help your website get the following benefits:

    • Higher conversion rate
    • Growth in consumers traffic and store sales
    • Improved customers trust
    • Additional assistance in selecting products in your store

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  • 28 Magento One step checkout extensions for your store

    Thinking about weighty points of the store functionality, we would like to focus on the importance of the checkout page's performance. This final step can be a successful bargain, but sometimes it fails. Being browsed some stores we have met the default magento checkout pages with a lot of boring steps before placing an order.

    Honestly speaking, the nagging Continue button suggested the idea of abandoning the page and actually forget about the purchase in that web-store. Of course, it brings hassle to every online store owners….and they start looking for expedient solution that could decrease the abandonment rate. That is why many Magento developers are discovering different ways to facilitate user’s checkout experience. Multiple features have been integrating lately in order to improve the page’s usability and to speed up the order placing process. Meet some of them:

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  • Magento 1.9.2 compatibility notice

    Recently Magento announced new security patch SUPEE-6285 that was created in order to provide protection against several types of security-related issues, including information leaks, request forgeries, and cross-site scripting. More information about these issues can be found on the Magento documentation. SUPEE-6285 patch is available directly from Magento site for both CE and EE Magento editions. Same time Magento team also released Magento Community Edition 1.9.2. We do strongly recommend to all our clients to either apply patch or upgrade to recent Magento version.


    In order to test if your store protected against that security problem you can use our Magento site scanner that now provide audit for possible threats that are solved by next security issues: SUPEE-5344, SUPEE-5994, SUPEE-6285 & XML XXE vuln 2012.

    Unfortunately after applying that changes you may encounter some problems with backend permissions for admin users with limited access rights because of the changes in permission code. We already published compatibility updates on our site so feel free to download them or contact our support team immediately.

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