Magento Page Cache 1.4 with site crawler is now available

You ask, we answer! Cache Crawler is now available within our Magento Page Cache extension. The feature is also known as Cache Warmer. It was added in order to improve cache hit/miss rate. As you probably know, an increased hit rate will have an effect on the overall cost of sales. Applied the crawler, you will bring better experience for every visitor browsing your store. If you are running the website with high traffic, you need it to be the fastest. The crawling the website will decrease web-pages load time to a minimum. Overall it will be good thing for user shopping experience. Won't it?


Please look at main features of the cache crawler:

  • the crawler process can be executed from the backend
  • crawler will be automatically paused when site load time is higher then maximum allowed average load time
  • cron will run up to 2 crawlers simultaneously
  • reports about slow page loading and error response codes will be stored

Our Cache Crawler supports multi store set-up. You are allowed to run the crawler for CMS, category and product pages. Multiple URL sorces are supported. Our up-to-date crawling will absolutely give your website best practice - best speed, best response time, best load time. Some of non-complex steps and your website is on top of the world.

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