13 Stunning mobile ecommerce sites for your inspiration

And we’re back. Hope you have no idea what we supposed to say you today. Let’s cut to the chase and remind we live in an age of progress. Look at the malls! What wonderful and friendly they are. However, day to day shoppers are becoming more demanding. They prefer to shop when they’re out and about by using mobile devices. So, it’s high time to build mobile-aware adaptive sites for people who need the information right now.

Statistics from Google's Mobile Ads Blog show 79% of buyers now use their phone for information while shopping, 70% use their phone in the store and 77% have turned on the connection to the mobile network for business tasks. It stands to reason more and more store owners prefer to think outside the box in order to deliver the optimal website with constantly growing mobile traffic.

Looking around the web for this post, we came across successful online stores with specially designed mobile templates. Coming along? Well…..here some of them are:


First of all, we sized up the mobile version of eBay website. We remained fully satisfied. If the company will keep it up, its earnings will surpass expectations. As you know, the eBay is one of the world's largest marketplace. It was founded by computer programmer Pierre Omidyar in 1995. Formerly eBay was simply a hobby for his founder. However after his web service provider informed him about high volume of traffic to his website, he decided to make great progress on his way. For now the company has grown to over 15,000 employees. Clients all over the world are allowed to buy and sell electronics, fashion apparel, sporting goods, digital cameras, baby items, and even cars. Most customers have claimed they are happy with experience. The eBay mobile site is professionally looking. It’s really easy to navigate. Instant search box is displayed like field as well as search field icon. Other icons at the header of the page will help you to come back to the homepage, and to check also your account info. You are allowed to filter goods using sorting on the category page. In order to make the search more clear, you can use Refine button. You can also select products for better browsing by using tabs All, Auction and Buy it now. The last tab allows you to view only products with fixed price. The products page includes the detailed description and sliding image gallery. If the product is an auction item, you can click on Place bid button to start bidding. You will be quickly redirected to another page.

Our gut feeling the eBay company will keep perfecting its website in order to stay ahead of the game. If it sounds good to you, please look at http://m.ebay.com/.


BabySam was established in 1973 in Denmark. Nowadays it is the largest and most innovative baby equipment retail chain with 32 stores allocated all over Denmark and around 500 employees. The store has over 40 years of experience, thereby faithful customers used to get the secure and extensive shopping service. Company’s suppliers meet the same standards as the BabySam itself about optimal comfort, quality, design and safety. The website is up to scratch, moreover it was additionally designed for mobile usage. We liked the BabySam mobile site for its fast performance, easy navigation and especially nice mobile-optimized images. Sorting and filtering is available on the category page. Besides please take into account, that you are invited to use a special assistance in choosing baby goods. If you need some help, you can click on personal profile image on the banner on any page of the store.    

It is a good idea to do shopping at BabySam http://www.babysam.dk webshop. Hope their website will come you in handy.


The next mobile store does its best to make clients feel contented. Meet the Everbest! The company has widely presented in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia with over 40 self-managed stores and over 50 department store concessions. The Everbest is considered to be professional designer and seller of shoes for over 30 years. You can find their goods primarily in South-East Asia. Nevertheless some of retail stores are also located in the UK, Mauritius and Australia.

The mobile site has dynamic banner on the homepage. Visitors are allowed start shopping right from the clickable banner elements. The navigation is just the ticket. You have not to wait page reloading, but simply to use fast loading sliders. Both men and women will be pleased with Everbest website usability. The shopping cart icon looks like stylish bag and is visible on each store page. If you need more information, you can click on the icon with hidden sidebar. You can register there or check your account. Moving to the category page, you can see the list of products displaying vertically with helpful New or Sale labels. The sorting is available on the category page, but the on the product page you can also use swatches in order to make a good pickup. Customers are also able to share their choice using social media icons placed at the footer on the page.


Now or never! Let us introduce a private company from Minnesota. GovMint is one of the more established companies in the precious metals industry. It is experienced store, that is selling gold and silver for over 30 years. GovMint founder Bill Gale has been a nationally recognized numismatist. He led the company’s growth, so the GovMint is the largest retail rare and collectible coin marketer in the USA now. GovMint website offers many other collectible products including paper money, coin jewelry, foreign and ancient coins. Visitors can spend hours browsing the catalog of products. In order to be always in touch, you can try do shopping at the store specially designed for mobile usage. There you can find products showcased in highly professional manner. For better navigation through the website you can use slides as well as drop-down menu. If you want to came back to the homepage, you simply need to click the logo on the header. The search field, your personal information and shopping cart icon are available from any page.

Investing money on gold and silver is a proven way to have deep pockets in the future. Check out it with GovMint http://www.govmint.com.

Beauty Box

Need to be an expert in skin care and makeup products? Make friends with Beauty Box website. The beauty company is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was founded by two ex-Rocket Internet employees. Now the Beauty Box has over 2,000 highly-experienced members and earned its stripes as the world’s largest cosmetics and beauty company in Indonesia. More than 25 brands are presented in the webshop, so let’s go and check how greatly the mobile version increases the convenience of browsing through the whole store.

First you can pay attention on is bright banner with embedded video. You can watch it before making a decision about purchase. The website provides you with easy-to-navigate interface. For better convenience you can use the language switcher placed in hidden sidebar. Right on the homepage you can see the newsletter form and become the first to know what new about Beauty Box. We’d like to stress nice feature on the product page such as the You may also like block. Based on customers behaviour, the block suggests customers to buy something more unique.

We recommend enjoy beauty stuff as well as clear mobile site. Just visit http://www.beautybox.co.id.


The company we’d like to share with you, is the talk of the town. Started from a hatchery and a poultry slaughter floor, the Benny brothers launched the huge distribution network. Now the company workers are top rotisserie chicken and ribs specialists! You can find more than 40 restaurants opened in Canada and in the USA. Beyond the delicious food you can order online, the Benny&Co offers to discover their user-friendly mobile site. Striking banners on the homepage invite you to benefit from affordable offerings information or to simply watch new advertisement. You can also subscribe to newsletter in order to get special offer in time. Navigating through the store visitors are allowed not only to select the cooked food, but also to make a reservation or receive information about meal for group rates. For better communication, you can choose french or english language by using language switcher at the header which is visible on any page of the store.

Enjoy of Benny&Co http://www.benny-co.com. We are convinced it will make your mouth water.


Be inspired of Innovasport mobile site! It really deserves a highest rating. The company is one of the leading retailers of sporting goods Mexico. The Innovasport founder Nuevo León opened its first shop in April 1999 in Monterrey. Over the past 15 years, Innovasport has been growing without a break. So now the company is standing on its own two feet in Latin America. You may stay with Innovasport in order to find out the latest trends in sport as well as to improve yourself in any sport.

Let’s discover Innovasport mobile features that were implemented for better user experience. Look at buttons. That’s a kind! Large fonts and eye-catching buttons will easily draw customers’ attention and make the browsing more clear. We stumbled upon the perfect navigation with slides and drop downs. The brands navigation on category pages is generally on the ball. Special popup with available sizes and colors and other images fully fit screen size. Perfect zoom and embedded video on the product page will definitely help you make a decision. In our opinion, the mobile template of Innovasport website takes care of all your needs. You will be easily involved in  

the world of footwear, apparel and accessories.

The company provides the website with all for viewing pleasure. Take a glance at  http://www.innovasport.com/.


Our next sample shows the beneficial use of tabs on mobile version. DERMAdoctor company  was founded in 1998 in Kansas City, Missouri. It sells skin care products such as body, eyes, face, foot care, fragrance, hair care, hand care, lip care and nail care, oral and dental, paraben-free, post sun and shaving care products. DERMAdoctor products are sold globally to Sephora, Ulta and Nordstrom retailers. Considering the huge variety of products, the company team designed thoroughly the store specifically for mobile devices. The website provides very legible content, which is organized into a one column layout for a better mobile store view. Clear access to menu and speedy load time will help customers with navigation to the product’s page they need to explore. Here visitors can see not only the product showing properly, but also the useful information like ingredients, warnings and directions with unique tips in choosing skin care. This tabbed content is displayed in tabs styled as accordion. Other helpful information is clearly visible at the footer of the page. Simply click on the link.

Got interested in dermatology stuff. Pick up with http://www.dermadoctor.com.  

Ilse Jacobsen

If you like simple lines combining comfort and practicality with style and colour, then maybe you fall in love with Scandinavian style stuff. Peep in the Ilse Jacobsen magnificent shop. It was launched by the woman of the same name in 1993. Now the Headquarter is located north of Copenhagen along one of Denmark´s most wonderful beaches. The beautiful nature inspires the founder Ilse Jacobsen to present not only two annual shoe collections, but also two annual clothes collections, which are supplemented with chic accessories. Once got a look in, the brand ILSE JACOBSEN keeps successfully raise the popularity. Today the company has opened 22 concept stores as well as several hundred trade points worldwide with sales in 19 countries as far apart as Canada and Australia.  

Absolutely neat design of mobile site will attract clients who need accurate and quick shopping. Clear navigation leads to 3-column layout category page. You can see subcategory navigation and optimised filtering feature there. Visual clues such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram buttons are available on each store page. If you need delivery information, another store location addresses or simply to subscribe to newsletter, noticeable icons will help you. Please notice, that ILSE JACOBSENs mobile site also offers a link to the full desktop version for customers who like to pinch or zoom for better viewing of store offerings.

Dress to impress by visiting Ilse Jacobsen website http://www.ilsejacobsen.com/. Choose your own lifestyle.


Now we’d like to tell about the company which cares about true men. Being constantly under danger, these people need to be maintained with clothing protection. If we were them, we would join the Blauer company. Its goods are designed for the most active law enforcement professionals in the world. Started in 1936, Blauer became a leader in making top quality uniforms that cover all needs for protection. We completely certain that everyone will feel comfortable wearing clothing made of the antimicrobial and moisture wicking fabric. We’re also certain you’ll like the Blauer website. It was developed with clients in mind. Search and Sign up for emails fields are available on each store page. By using the proper and easy navigation you can move to category page, where you can select 1 column or 3 column layout for better viewing products. Ajax loading feature is enabled. On the product page you can see the optimized product image with color swatches, and also an additional tabbed content styled as accordion. Moreover, very nice recommended products slider is integrated. Need more specific information? You can click on Find a dealer button that will navigate you to the useful page with map. By pressing flags you can choose the dealer in the country that will suit you. We sure customers rate this opportunity highly. For more specific information you are also allowed to use an informative footer links.  

If you need most durable, long lasting and professional looking uniforms, welcome to get fast access to company offers http://www.blauer.com/.

Super Gadgets

Let’s have a look at Super Gadgets website. It was launched in 2009 in Mexico in order make mexicans happy because of highly innovative products developed in different countries worldwide. Moreover the company delivers to the customers a full warranty and service level for each of the products it sells.

The mobile version of the website is well enough. Wherever you are browsing, you will be suggested the top sales slider and available payment methods block. You can also access the currency switcher on each store page. The category page contains really awesome sorting capabilities for customers. Using them, visitors will find what they are looking for without spending a lot of time. What about the product page? The image gallery slider looks nice. Another product information is displayed in tabs, so visitors can learn about all product advantages.

Want to be rewarded with products with a high level of technology and functionality? Welcome to Super Gadgets http://www.supergadgets.mx/.


Looking for high quality clothing and equipment for travel, outdoor or leisure? Just watch – Eventyrsport from Denmark will become your new best friend! Strong brands like Haglöfs, The North Face, Fjällräven, Icebreaker, Didriksons, Deuter, Osprey, ECCO and many others are presented there. According to reviews, visitors can be absolutely sure in good service and fast delivery. Making reference to the Alexa Traffic rank, the Eventyrsport site is pretty popular in Denmark. We have also noticed that percentage of visits to their site come from a search engine is 24% which can be rather good indicator for each company. Is it simply fortune? Not a bit! Eventyrsport developers thought much when designed the following really incredible mobile site. The store grabs users attention at once by providing them with the immediate loadable subcategories' listing on the homepage. Beyond the striking banner, visitors can browse the store using perfect slide navigation. The category page contains links and keywords that actually lead to the improvement of visual perception in terms of SEO. The products page offers touch-friendly image gallery with gestures support - tap, pinch-in and pinch-out. In order to make a good bargain, you can check other goods from cross-selling block and save money on shipping. Appealing icons are used to hide another helpful information you might need to facilitate your online shopping.

Shopping is a breeze! Check it out with http://www.eventyrsport.dk.


Water is a symbol of wealth. If you drink a lot of water, you feel great. We recommend you to become acquainted with Fred company, best known for its flask-shaped water bottle that fits comfortably in pockets so people can carry more water more often. Founded in Brooklyn by Adam Gayner and Ariel Broggi in 2007, the Fred keeps producing refillable and recyclable bottles that are sold through national distributors McLane Company, US Foods, Core Mark and Shamrock Foods with availability in regional convenience store chains across the US. These bottles are comfortable to hold and easy to slip into back pockets, jackets, handbags, backpacks, etc. Fred is made from #1 PET plastic, the most widely recycled plastic in the world, thereby you can be sure of flexibility and safety of the product.

Recently the company announced that its Kickstarter new campaign sold more stainless steel water bottles than any other company in crowdfunding history. Good news - you can buy empty versions of eye-catching flask-shaped bottles online. Fred’s website looks very attractive. The homepage covers the rich content which is appropriately sized. Beautiful blocks linked to category pages are offering the products available for pre-order bottles, steel flasks and refillable water flasks, etc. You can also find here nice CMS blocks with testimonials that will navigate you to reviews of clients who joined Fred. Think, it will be helpful for you before you buy. The horizontal picture slider on testimonial pages looks very very inviting. Browsing in the store you will stumble upon catchy menu options, that will help you to make positive decision about the purchase. The product page includes image gallery with a powerful zoom and the recently viewed block. If you wish to share your choice with your friends, you can click on nice social media icons.

The Fred website provides the perfect usability. Need to buy “pocket-friendly” bottles? Here is http://www.fredwater.com.

Guess what? All our samples are profitable and successful sites. The proposal of friendly mobile site that is available for a great number of mobile-users all over the world proved to be quite gainful. Furthermore we are glad to share with you some tips for better site usability: big size buttons for easy touch-screen navigation, hidden sidebar with additional content, visible search box available on each store page, optimized layered navigation, flexible images and, of course, minimum scrolling. In case you will be complying all mentioned conditions, the website will get the quick load time and high conversion rate. Having an amazing browsing experience your visitors will become faithful clients.

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