Ajax layered navigation becomes Layerd navigation 2.0

Layered navigation is one of most popular Magento features created in order to make shopping quick and easy. Our first extension version was created in order to add mostly AJAX flexibility to standard Magento layered navigation. With each new release we were adding more and more features. And know our extension become something more then just Ajax layered navigation. Today we are glad to release new version of our extension focused on performance and SEO.

Layered Navigation 2.0 is now available with next new features:

  • SEO links for layered navigation
  • Optional non-follow element
  • Performance update - works 80% faster!
  • Optionally show search form if there is larger then x number of attributes
  • New layered navigation styles added

The greatest new feature of Layered Navigation 2.0 is possibility to turn default layered navigation urls to SEO-friendly urls .  Our extension will set 301 redirects for default urls and create new urls that will look like electronics/shopby/cat/cell-phones/color/black.html. If you don't want to crawl your layered navigation then you simply can add nofollow attribute right from the extension config.

Please find more information on extension update and see demo at Magento Layered Navigation 2.0 page.

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