Magento Easy Banners - Professional Banners And Custom Blocks Manager

Looking for perfect solution to manage banners and custom blocks at your store? Tired editing your store template for each new advertisement? Then Easy Banners is right solution for you. Easy Banners is based on Magento core functionality and built to keep banners and blocks management easy, fast and flexible. Support unlimited number of placeholders and banners.


Easy Banners will help you:

  • Manage your banners campaigns
  • Target specific customers groups
  • Display your payments and security icons
  • Display scheduled events information and holidays realated content
  • Display special hours content info

Magento Easy Banners extension provide you with features for outstanding banners and content management

  • A must-have extension for every ecommerce website.
  • Easy 1 minute installation.
  • Create unlimited number of placeholders linked to any reference block.
  • Upload banner image or use html code, javascipt code or flash object
  • Create unlimited number of placeholders linked to any reference block
  • 10 predefined placeholders available out of the box
  • Unlimited number of banner and content block for each placeholder
  • Define sort order for each banner or block
  • Display several banner or content blocks at same placeholder
  • Target your banners and content on storeview, category, product, customer group and date range
  • Display or show banner url
  • Show targeted url content in same window, new tab or pop-up
  • Discover banner overall statistic
  • Enabling & disabling banners and placeholder
  • Don't affect Magento core files.

6 thoughts on “Magento Easy Banners - Professional Banners And Custom Blocks Manager ”

  • Brian

    I am trying to add a banner that I set up to my CMS page homepage. I created a placeholder called homepage-main and created a banner that I assigned to this placeholder. I am unsure what I need to add as the Parent Block for this placeholder to appear in my homepage CMS page. Or, do I need to add a snippet of magento code to my CMS page?

    • TemplatesMaster

      Just reposting answer from Magneto Groups. Probably it will help other EasyBanners users

      Hi, You don’t need to create any new placeholder. You can use any of default one and target banner to cms home page. Please check condition tab at banner settings and target your banner to “cms_index_index, cms_index_defaultindex”.
  • Jon Friesen

    I am looking for a way to have two banner spots on my site.
    I will have a total of 7 banners and I need those two spots to randomly pull in a banner on page refresh.
    Will this extension do that for me?

  • testphp

    Hi , I have install Easy banner Extenstion in my website, in admin when i try to add a new banner ,

    So Page Go blank , anything does not appeard , and also do click on left links( etc. General Information and other)..
    It does not show anything

    I am working on urgent project , can u help me how to fix it..?


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