Magento 1.4 Themes List

We are very glad to announce a list of Magento 1.4 compatible themes. We are working hard on upgrading all our themes so list is updated on a daily basis. Upgraded themes packages are available for all existing customers for free.

8 thoughts on “Magento 1.4 Themes List”

  • Jeff

    Hey TM,
    I just updated my site from a stable v1.324 to 1.401 and have a working front and backend, so far, and the absolute v1.324 theme, seems to be working just fine.
    I had only these issues which I fixed

    500 Internal Server Error fixed by
    ...index.php permission changed to 644

    No products showing fixed by
    ...rebuild required indexes... (notice at top of admin page)

    Aside from those two issues everything seems ok.

    My question is, I have downloaded your new package for absolute theme for magento v1.401 and am wondering what changes in the files were made and should I use them?

    Also, I notice that there is now a new dir in

    my template files are still in

    Should I move that folder to
    and edit the path in system>configuration/design

    My setup at the moment is
    Current package name: default

    Current package name: default [Use website]
    Translations [Use website]
    Templates [Use website]
    Skin (Images/CSS) [Use website]
    Layout [Use website]
    Default f001

    • Jeff

      I should note that for the purpose of testing, the above comment referenced my production site and I have since edited my details now to direct my Name link "Jeff" to the test site

      • Jeff

        Ive been trying a few things out so here goes with more questions.
        I think I am correct in that when I applied your theme to my v1.3.2.4 magento, I used the "default" package and "f001" theme. So the path to my layouts and templates was
        and skins was
        and of course I copied the other included files into app/code/core

        Any subsequent edits I made to default/default files were added to the appropriate /f001 folders.

        My thinking was that this was the most appropriate method to deploy a theme using the default package. If I understand the magento structure then my site first looks in the default/f001 folders for what it needs and for anything else it calls on the default/default files.

        Now heres the thing, I can get my now upgraded site ( to work fine as long as I set
        Current package name: default
        and use f001 for templates/layouts/skins as per your instructions.

        But if I try and set
        Current package name: base (to use the "new" base/default)
        and copy f001 over to app/design/frontend/base
        and copy f001 over to skin/frontend/base

        then the site loads with no layout/css or images.

        In order to make sure that the site utilises all that v1.4.0.1 has to offer, I feel that the current package name should be base.

        Or am I missing some fundamental understanding of how magento template structure works.

        • Jeff


          I managed to apply the latest absolute theme f001 for v by setting current package to base
          and theme default as f001.

          It was necessary to hit all 4 big cache clearing buttons in the backend to get the site to show properly.

          Now it all looks as it should and is using the new base/default files.

          Just have to copy over my images and its all good.

          Apologies for my previous long posts, but I just wanted to make sure I got this right.

  • Cecelia Meusa

    Can I order more then one at a time?

  • Garrett Eifert

    Thank you to all the guide

  • Shawn

    How can I make the Store Catalog view(sidebar.phtml) show up on every page including product pages and not just the Home page?


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