Magento and SUPEE-6788 compatability update is ready

Hi, everyone. Hope you will enjoy our news today.
As you know we're always open to ideas for what we can do to make you feel good about your online business. Changes and well-timed updates are really important in the development area.


So what?

So, we've kept our promise from recent post to update all of our templates and extensions to edition. We did it. Now all our modules work fine with the latest Magento release.

Main update information was published for the following extensions:

Rest assured the other Templates-Master extensions will work without any problems after applying the SUPEE- 6788 patch.

Moreover we have already shared with you helpful tips how to fix possible problems with some parts of SUPEE-6788, for instance with missing blocks on the frontend. Don’t worry if you missed it. This useful information is available in our recent blog post.

Please notice, our free templates doesn’t require update. Make sure they are also fully compatible with edition.

What about old paid templates?

Don't hesitate to contact us. The upgrade files will be sent to you on request.

That’s all for today. We hope you stay satisfied with our timely development updates.

One thought on “Magento and SUPEE-6788 compatability update is ready”

  • Thomas Smith

    Dear TM, The english used on this page is unclear.

    I think you have an important message, but its not clear what you are trying to say. Please consider getting a native english speaker to check it out.

    I run a site with Firecheckout, and I just need to know if its necessary to upgrade Firecheckout when I do the 6788 Patch



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