Let's create new free template together!

We have great news! This week our Free Classic Magento theme reached 10K downloads on Magento connect. We don't even know how many times it was downloaded from our blog. Number of comments at our blog is also huge - 400 comments! It was really a surprise for us to get so many good reviews and comments on our first free theme. We were glad to help thousands of people all around the world to start their online business. We would like to say that isn't the end.

Are you ready for new free theme?

We got dozens request every single day for new magento free theme recently so we decided that it's the right time now to do this. But we got into trouble. We got dozens nice ideas in our team but we really believe that community know better how should it look and work like. We will be glad to see any advice, tip or idea or any link to real store. Please keep in mind that theme should not be narrow focused. It should be easily used at any kind of stores and easily addapted to any color style.

So please share your ideas here. Any idea is welcome.

8 thoughts on “Let's create new free template together!”

  • Roman

    I bought 2 template 2 month ago, and just by doing this, i increased my sales.. they are Pro, you rocks ;-)

  • James J

    Hello guys, i think creating some dark free theme is good idea. Probably even in several colors. We are waiting for more news from you.

  • David

    I have downloaded and used your free theme. It is excellent. Integration is very easy and the looking is 100% pro.

    I very much appreciated :
    - the showcase (so simple to use so effiicient)
    - the colors to choose from : 9 colors to suit tastes

    What would be excellent for the future theme : keep both ideas mentioned above or even give a package that can be switched from one theme color to another within the admin features (so that each cat could have a color)

    As long as it has to match any kind of business, it has to be very simple : the showcase is there to customize it within the user's business.

    The ideal would be 2 showcases : one big on the home (just a few jpgs to modify, which is ok) and an optional one on top of categories (through CMS blocks ?)

    What I would like also to improve is the position of the newsletter subscription. It is so important for a good business that it must be at a very good place. (left column, top)

    For header, you could keep a simple look + the possibility to modify it with just a switch of jpgs...

    Your previous free theme is by far the best one and a very good one if you compare it to non free one. You should not modify it too much ;-)

    Last point, from a SEO point of view, you should change a little bit the anchor link to your site : it should only include magento theme (more searches on google than magento template).

    Thanks and keep on !

  • Ringsting

    what I would really love is a nice bright looking crisp template which would have a java script add to cart feature which would mean people can add straight to the basket while browsing, without loading a new page on every add.

    It would be great if people could browse from page to pge without loading a new page as well.

    I know it's asking a lot, I would be willing to pay for that sort of feature though :-)

  • Massimo Lombardo
    Massimo Lombardo August 24, 2009 at 9:53 pm

    Foreword; I know this post will attract a lot of different users -- flamers, off topic drivers and trolls; I'm talking to you guys: please stay away. End of the foreword.

    In short: it lacks the ability to move page elements around (much like WordPress does).

    Explanation: if I want to move a certain page element (let's say the "recently visited items" box) I have to dig into the Magento configuration XML files, find the relevant one, change a few strings, cross my fingers, save, keep my finger crossed, reload the pages where that particular box appears.
    If it works: have a beer! If it doesn't: swear in a couple of different languages, then repeat the process.

    How annoying is this?

    To pick an awesome (but opposite and working) example, WordPress does it visually, letting users *drag and drop* elements.
    This is clever. And handy.

    Of course, I know Magento and WordPress are very, very, VERY, different platforms, but it's the way things are managed, that I want to point out.

    Not to let misunderstandings have place: I clearly know it's *NOT* strictly a problem of yours (i.e. the theme developers) but a Magento developers-related problem, but strictly speaking of new ideas and inputs I think this should have been properly pointed out.

    Oh, btw, your free theme rocks! ^L^

  • Anders

    It not working correct with safari, all the bottoms ( add to cart ) are not shown correct...

    you should built these themes with 2-1-3 collums, so main content always are before the left filter ( sort by )

    And never use to "sort by" basket and other right left collums - it's a huge mistake!

    Otherwise it's great

  • Anders

    never use h tags for "sort by" "basket"... and so on


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