10 Inspirational fashion stores using Magento

Marissa Collections

It's no secret that Magento is one of the most progressive e-commerce software. It provides its followers with great features and optimized web-sites' performance. You can actually see that more and more stores have been relying on the power of Magento platform over the years. Magento happens to be a profit-driven decision for boosting online business revenue. Today let's speak about fashion web-stores. A stylish template improved with plugins' high functionality is necessary to make the store successful. Want to see how helpful Magento can be? Some of tasteful website designs were hand-picked in order to show you Magento advantages.

Let's start with Marissa Collections web-store. It began in 1975 and is situated in Southwest Florida. The most beautiful designer shoes, handbags and accessories you can buy in Marissa Collections web-shop. It is a professionally-made fashion online boutique with a large catalog of products, offering many categories with subcategories so that the top navigation is of high level as well as the navigation on the category page. While looking at the category page, we'd like to note how functional it is. Users are allowed to filter by category, price, size or designer values. They can instantly see what product size is available when hovering over the image. The ajax loading feature is integrated. By scrolling down, you can view more and more products without reloading the page. A lot of room on the page makes the categories' images viewing better, therefore it encourages visitors to add products to shopping cart.

User-friendly category page

On the product page you can see additional information tabs above the product's image. Customers can use them to learn more about the product without reaching other store pages.

Custom tabs on the product page

Want to be in trend? Go to Marissa Collections to check how it works out.

Astley Clarke

Take inspiration of another sleek template on Astley Clarke online store. Each piece of Astley Clarke Jewellery is designed in their London Design Studio. You can find the boutique in London. Prepare to be excited by shopping online at AstleyClarke.com using UK or USA websites. The amazing homepage attracts even very demanding buyers. They can start shopping right here using a perfect top navigation or the inviting Gift Finder block.

Attractive homepage

While browsing Astley Clarke store, we were affected by layered navigation block on the category page. The search is now more refined. You are allowed to find anything properly and quickly. The other great feature you can see on the category page is a complete product information when clicking on the +. By this way, customers can use suggested discount and add product to the shopping cart, or just share the product via social media. Users can also zoom the image, view the other product images and stay on the category image.

Product page's preview on the category page

Please look at Astley Clarke if you need to try dealing with Astley Clarke website.

North Face

Invite your customers by placing bright and dynamic banners on the homepage. We love the North Face company design. Being one of the leading brands in activewear and outdoor sports, the company uses Magento platform. North Face was founded in 1968 in San-Francisco. The store has been offering only highly selected goods for a long time. So, let's start with the homepage banner. It makes us feeling amazed of sliders' transition effects. Dynamic banners are fully controlled. Users can navigate through sliders and change images by using arrows. They can also manage slider by hovering over the string in order to see another one. You can see here that North Face company's banners can be used as navigation tool. In order to start viewing the category page, visitors can simply click on the category label. It will lead them to the appropriate page.

Dynamic banners on the homepage

The product page zoom is rather different than the magento default. Users can view the product better in lightbox popup. There they can see the image gallery and the colors available. After clicking the image, the product display will vary.

Improved zoom on the product page

Learn more about North Face design on The North Face company.

Harvey Nichols

We are really inspired by Harvey Nichols web-shop design and functionality. You will surely rate highly the luxury lifestyle web-store specialising in brand name merchandise with stores in London, Edinburgh, Istanbul, Dubai, Hong Kong. Harvey Nichols store founded in 1831 by Benjamin Harvey as a linen shop. Now it sells fashion collections for women and men, fashion accessories, beauty products, wine and food. In order to search items, the web-store offers you to use top layered navigation. Moreover, you are prompted with useful links such as the buzz, trends, inspiration, editor's picks, the knowledge and brand focus. Such navigation menu intends to help customers making a purchase decision faster.

Layered navigation with links

Harvey Nichols category page is professionally designed. A great products' selection is combined with a perfect usability of the page. Customers only need to click on More information, and they will get more product details without needing to navigate to another page. The image will turn around quickly, and the color, size and delivery options will be in users' sight.

Dynamic product image on the category page

Dynamic product image on the category page

The Harvey Nichols online store is working with a lot of cool features. They offer an improved shopping cart, the use of product's image sliders right on the product page, unique designed tabs of categories, etc. Want to know more? Please go to Harvey Nichols.

Ray Ban

Take a better look at the Ray Ban online store! Ray-Ban is a brand of sunglasses and eyeglasses founded in 1937 in USA. The company has experimented many different frame materials. It offers a wide range of strong, hypo-allergenic frames and lenses. Users can choose Ray-Ban cool sunglasses by model, frame material, frame color and lens color in online store. It's a rich-featured and user-friendly interface website. You can expect a perfect navigation, a clear category page, an excellent explanation and help while searching the model you need, an awesome zoom.. and much more.

The best navigation menu

We would like especially to note the product page. It looks like you are viewing the product in real life. Everything is designed with clients' wishes in mind. Customers can customize unique glasses, using offered options in tabs' drop downs. After finishing the modeling, they are allowed to save and download made glasses sample. You can also share your own fashion sample using social media links on the product page. The dynamic zoom allows users to view the created product from different angles. You can zoom and move it around.

The best navigation menu

You can experience a magnificent stores performance, if you visit Ray Ban. Find your way to get inspired!


Say YES to Scoop web-shop. Scoop first opened in SoHo, New York City, in 1996, and has since grown to 17 boutiques nationwide. It offers a high-selected choice of best styles for women and men. The store has tasteful website design. It is a mix of clean template and trouble-free performance. Let's look at nice features on the product page. You can see a dynamic block with More Sneakers. It allows you to use arrows in order to view more shoes. Also the shoe image twists and turns when hovering over it. The arrow you can see on the product zone too. By using controls, you can navigate to another product page without coming back to the category page again. In order to view product in details, you only need to rollover to zoom.

Dynamic product image on the category page

Start over with successful Scoop web-store! Go to Scoop and get experience to improve your own store.

Ursula Mascaro

Get a creative jolt with our next sample - Mascaro brand website. Ursula Mascaro was born into a family dynasty of shoe designers. She began studying interior design, but soon realised her love for shoes. This great designer started fashion design at the famous Marangoni Institute in Milan, Italy. But the Mascaro brand was founded in Spain. Shoes designed by Ursula Mascaro are handmade with the use of the finest materials and leathers. Let's have a look at Mascaro web-store.

First of all, you will impressed by its categories' loading. When you choose a category on the homepage, an extraordinary visual effect will appear. Categories' images look like falling down. Customers can filter products by toe, color, model, etc. using implemented subcategories in top navigation menu.

Dynamic category products

If you hover over the image you like, you can read a short product description. You can click on the image if you want to learn more about the shoes. Wow.... We have here the best product preview. The image is spinning. You'd better use this representation technique to impress shoppers and encourage them to buy the product. Additionally, you can manage the image with your mouse and open it to full-screen mode.

Awesome rollover zoom on the product page

Learn more on Ursula Mascaro. Awsome, isn't it?

Donna Ida

Donna Ida is a women's jeans store created by Donna Ida. She is an australian native, but is running a few fashion denim stores in London. Customer service is the center of Donna Ida, with denim specialists carefully selected and trained to find the perfect jeans for you. The website is created with video guide at cms pages to help customers to admire their jeans from all possible corners. All you need to do is to define what figure you have. By clicking vertical tabs, choose the video that will fit you. You can also search jeans you like, using controls in Style Bible block. When you press jeans' image, you will utomatically be redirected to a page with the video "How to wear this pair of jeans".

Adding video on cms page by embedding it

Having followed Donna Ida web-store, we have given a particular attention to innovation on the product page. Under to product's image, you can see tabs with nice offerings. Customers can choose and add more products to the shopping cart. Why not suggesting much?

They can also see recently viewed products and products that will most likely fit them. When hovering over those products' images, users will see other pictures of the same product.

The product page is very informative. All page's features are developed in order to help the shopper to make a successful purchase. You can find a size guide next to size and co*lor swatches. Care, size and fit advice can be found in the tabs. Using all recommendations, customers will really get a chic look.

Awesome rollover zoom on the product page

While browsing the Donna Ida web-shop, you will probably get good shopping experience. If you grow interested in this store, keep in mind the address Donna Ida.


Repetto sounds fascinating! Once you have visited the website, you will not stay indifferent to it. Created in 1947 by Rose Repetto, Repetto develops exclusive products, actually the most technical in the dance industry. Now Repetto is a French cloth and shoes company. The website is perfectly designed. When you start looking at something here, you are entering an atmosphere of usability.

Awesome homepage

Perfect top navigation with categories' images, attractive video about the product and on the category page, changeable product pictures when hovering over, etc.: you'll meet all of these over the place. But we want to share with you an unsurpassed product preview with zoom on the product page. When you click on the product, you will see fluent transformation of the whole page. The product image is flowing out. Now you can look over the zoomed product picture.

Perfectly zoomed product image

On the product page, you have also the opportunity to watch the embedded product's video, to view the product in details using controls, and to use slider with alternative products.

Repetto really deserves to be the one of your favorite online stores. Enjoy your visit to Repetto.


Become aware of the Melissa brand. Originally from Brazil, the company has an official distributor in UK. The website is offering stylish shoes which were exclusively created for Melissa by world-famous designers: Karl Lagerfeld, Vivienne Westwood, Jason Vu and others. In Loja Melissa online store, you can buy comfortable jelly shoes. A lot of fresh collections are presented, so let's browse further.

Top layered navigation impressed us more than anywhere. It looks tempting. Models' images help customers to make the correct purchase decision. The web-store is collaborating with well-known stylists whom you can see in subcategories' listing. Such well-performed navigation is just what visitors need to initiate the decision-making process.

Awesome rollover zoom on the product page

May we ask you a question? What should you do to make the product striking someone's eye? How to promote new product or to announce FREE SHIPPING? Think new with Loja Melissa web-shop category page. Look at the bright labels on the products. They are represented by flags. However, you can display your featured products or special offers by applying any kind labels. Adding call-to-action design like this one is an efficient way to increase your magento store popularity.

Attractive promotional labels next to product

Loja Melissa web-store is one of a kind. Get a new experience with Melissa.

We hope you have been inspired with us today. Magento is really cool e-commerce platform, that makes magic with your store. Beautiful products' presentation, great zoom effects, speed stores performance and much more: you can find all of these in extensions based on Magento functionality. All features are topnotch. By applying them, you'll help your customers to reach their goals.

We recommend to check all mentioned above stores and gather new experience.

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