How can i set placeholder at custom position

by Peter D.

Banners and placeholder can be also used as follows:

With Standard Magento widgets

{{block type="easybanner/banner" banner_name="name"}} 
{{block type="easybanner/placeholder" placeholder_name="name"}}

With PHP code

<?php $this->getLayout()->createBlock('easybanner/banner')->setBannerName('name')->toHtml(); ?> 
<?php $this->getLayout()->createBlock('easybanner/placeholder')->setPlaceholderName('name')->toHtml(); ?>

With XML code

<reference name="content"> 
  <block type="easybanner/banner" name="unique_banner_name"> 
    <action method="setBannerName"><name>test</name></action> 
   <block type="easybanner/placeholder" name="unique_placeholder_name">
     <action method="setPlaceholderName"><name>right-top</name></action> 

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