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Sep 16, 2015 by Peter D.
1. Open /app/code/local/Ayasoftware/SimpleProductPricing/Catalog/Model/Product/Type/Configurable/Price.php file and find the following line:
          if ($this->strContains($currentUrl, "onestepcheckout/") || $this->strContains($currentUrl, "checkout/cart/") || $this->strContains($currentUrl, "checkout/onepage/") || $this->strContains($currentUrl, "paypal/express/") || $this->strContains($currentUrl, "checkout/multishipping/")  || $this->strContains($currentUrl, "authorizenet/directpost_payment")  ) {
2. Replace it with:
          if ($this->strContains($currentUrl, "firecheckout/") || $this->strContains($currentUrl, "onestepcheckout/") || $this->strContains($currentUrl, "checkout/cart/") || $this->strContains($currentUrl, "checkout/onepage/") || $this->strContains($currentUrl, "paypal/express/") || $this->strContains($currentUrl, "checkout/multishipping/")  || $this->strContains($currentUrl, "authorizenet/directpost_payment")  ) {
and save file. 3. Disable compilation mode and clear Magento cache.
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