Free Absolute Theme installation instructions

Deploy module

Unpack archive to the Magento root directory, disable compilation and clear cache.

Or, if you are using modman you can deploy the module with command line:

cd /path/to/magento
modman clone
modman clone
modman clone

Run installer

  1. Logout from Magento backend and login again.
  2. Navigate to Templates Master > Modules menu.
  3. Find the TM_Templatef001 theme in the list.
  4. Click on Manage link.
  5. Select the store(s) where you wish to install theme.
  6. Press Run button.


Change color theme
  1. Navigate to System > Configuration > Design.
  2. Make sure that Package > Current Package Name is set to f001.
  3. Set the color theme with Themes > Skin (Images / CSS) option:
    • default
    • green
    • grey
    • orange
    • pink
    • red
    • sea_green
    • silver
    • violet
    • yellow
That's all. Navigate to your homepage and check how your new store looks.

If you have any problems with templates installtion please contact us at and we will help you with template installation for free

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