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Improved admin security 2.0 for Magento

Improves your admin security level. Offer you to use two-factor authentication based on the Google Authenticator application. Interface allows you to see and track the time, data and IP address of unauthorized attempts to the access.
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Magento Compatibility Magento CE 1.4.1, Magento CE 1.4.2, Magento CE 1.5, Magento CE 1.6, Magento CE 1.7, Magento CE 1.8, Magento CE 1.9
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Are you looking for a way to make your store data more secure from unauthorized login and hackers attack? Check our Improved admin security module for Magento. Our extension will allow you to use two-factor authentication based on the Google Authenticator application. Verification security code except username and password will be required every admin login attempt. So even if the attackers will get your admin username and password, they will not be able to access your store admin unless they have a security code provided by Google Authenticator. The unique code expires in a short amount of time for security purposes.

Extension configuration is really easy. All you need to do is to go to admin user management interface and scan QR code generated for you. Then you should insert verification key generated on your mobile phone. That's it! Now your admin user account is protected against unauthorised logins.

Now with every admin login you should simply turn your smartphone on and open Google Authenticator application. You will see security code that will be valid for next 30 seconds.

The two-factor authentication is enabled on a per-user basis so every admin user can use it's own mobile device. In case two step authentication was not enabled for administrator account then it will be ignored on login interface.

Before placing order please check if your mobile device is compatible with Google Authenticator mobile application. Our Google Authenticator extension is compatible with every iOs device such as iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, Android device or BlackBerry device.

Installation instructions and manuals:

Improved admin security installation instructions

Improved admin security user manual

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Two factor admin authentication

  • Improve your admin security with two-factor authentication based on the Google Authenticator application
  • Set two factor authentication on selected admin users only

Admin login actions logs

  • Control all log attempts to your store backend
  • Check ip addresses of every user who is trying to access your store
  • Allow to set allowed and disallowed ip addresses for admin users

Admin activity logs

  • Control your store administrators activity
  • Keep logs of all recent changes to your store data
  • Check details on changes that were applied to config settings and products
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