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Templates Master is the leading supplier of Magento extensions and modules. You can select from more than 30 extensions that will help you to increase your sales and improve customer satisfaction. All our extensions were created right from the scratch and according to Magento development guidelines. If you have found a bug or have feature suggestion then please contact our support.

With 1 year of free support and updates you should not worry about any technical problem you can face using our products. Our support experts are always available to help with product questions, installation problems and anything in-between! Please notice that from December 2012 we have been offering free installation on all our theme and extensions. So you can be sure that our extension can be used also on heavily modified Magento store.

If you just want to try our products then you can check our free Magento extensions section and select one of the most popular free magento products. If you are already ready to improve your store then we would suggest to start from our most popular extensions Fire Checkout and Ajax Pro 3.0. All our modules are also fully compatible with our Magento themes. So you should not be afraid of using our modules if you are already using our commercial of free theme. If you are still unsure then simply contact our support and we will be glad to find the right solution for you.

  • Magento One Page Checkout - Firecheckout 2.0 Magento One Page Checkout - Firecheckout 2.0
    Improve your store sales! Allows clients make a purchase faster and easier by providing them a simple checkout form. Supports all major payment and shipping methods.
    79 Review(s)
  • Magento Page Cache extension Magento Page Cache extension
    Makes your store faster. Based on core Magento features that support both static and dynamic blocks. Page configuration settings make it possible to restrict caching of any page in the extension configuration.
    5 Review(s)
  • Magento Attributes and Brands pages Magento Attributes and Brands pages
    Attractive attributes and brands pages creation. The improvement of your store design and navigation. Allows your customers quickly find the brands and products they are looking for.
  • CDN extension CDN extension
    Improve your store page load time by moving multiple files request from your server to content delivery network. Integration of the most popular CDN providers in your Magento store.Allows you to host and distribute product images, categories images, javascript and CSS files on a separate server.
    1 Review(s)
  • Magento Ajax Pro 3.0 Magento Ajax Pro 3.0
    Improve your store usability. Using the extension, you allow customers to add products to a cart and edit a shopping cart content faster without page reload.
    28 Review(s)
  • Magento Easy Banners Magento Easy Banners
    Manages banners, pop-up windows and custom blocks at your store right from admin interface. Allows you to track the total number of views and impressions of banner.
    17 Review(s)
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