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Free Classic Theme installation instructions

Thank you for downloading our magneto theme. Please follow these instructions to proceed with the installation of your theme:

Copy all files into your magento directory:

Simply copy all files from "template source x.x.x" directory into your magento store directory.

Turn your magento cache off:

Navigate to Admin -> System -> Manage Cache and deactive cache for your store.

Adjust WISIWYG editor settings:

Navigate to Admin -> System -> Configuration > Content managment and set WISIWYG editor to "disabled by default mode".

Install homepage:

In order to customize your homepage, navigate to Admin -> CMS -> Manage Pages -> Homepage.

  • Add next code to homepage content field:

  • Add next code to homepage 'custom design' Layout Update XML:

  • Set layout '3 columns' at 'custom design' tab

Create static blocks

Create static blocks. Navigate to Admin -> CMS -> Static Blocks

  • Create block 'showcase' with code:

  • Create block 'menu' with code:

  • Create block 'payments' with code:

Selecting Theme in admin:

Please navigate to Admin -> System -> Configuration -> 'Design' tab -> Themes' Group and enter into 'Templates', 'Translations' , 'Skins' and 'Layout' input fields f002 text.

Additional colors can be set at 'Skins' input fields f002_green, f002_grey, f002_orange, f002_pink, f002_red, f002_sea_green, f002_silver, f002_violet, f002_yellow.

That's all. Navigate to your home page and check how your new store looks.

If you have any problems with templates installtion please contact us at and we will help you with template installation for free

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