EasyTabs - Magento products tabs extension

We are glad to introduce new community extension Magento EasyTabs. This small extension will help anyone to add nice tabs to magento products page. Installation and configuration will take approximately 5 minutes. No files are replaced and no codding experience needed to install!
Please check demo at our demo server.

571 thoughts on “EasyTabs - Magento products tabs extension ”

  • Melissa

    Hello TemplatesMaster. Great extension!!!

    I am also using your F001 template which I must say is also amazing!

    My one question is: I have created the custom tab 'Manufacturer' and it is showing up correctly, yet the content of that tab is showing '10' or '12' depending on which manufacturer is defined. Could you please direct me on how to correct this? When they click on the tab it should show that information. Am I missing a step here?

    Thank you again for your generosity. :)

  • Owain Baber

    Hi, I'm using f002 template and all works fine except on some of my description pages the tabs don't appear untill I click anywhere on the page.

  • Jeremy Fissell

    Hello Templatesmaster,

    This looks like a great extension. Before I attempt to install this extension, can you look at my website's product pages ( Example: http://glowmazing.com/girls/infant-girls-skechers-bikers-leisures.html ) and let me know if you think that this extension will work with my site's design. I would like to add the tabs where the "Product Description" text currently resides. I would need the tab colors customized to fit the look of my site. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your time in advance.


    Jeremy Fissell

  • Duke

    Easy Tabs has been working like a charm, but now we are using advanced reviews from ahead works and the review tab is broken.

  • Lois

    Hi again, Ok I've managed to get it installed in the Magento Connect manager now, but it messes up my product page layout when I try to use it, so I've had to uninstall it again. The product image loads huge, across the whole width of the page and pushes all the other content down underneath. I am using the blank theme. Thanks

  • Josh

    I love this extension! BUT. It doesn't work with configurable products. The tabs don't show up at all. The attribute is there when I create the product and I fill in that field. It just doesn't display on the frontend.

    • TemplatesMaster

      Hello Josh, you can check EasyTabs working with configurable products at our demo server http://extension01.templates-master.com/gb/apparel/shirts/ink-eater-krylon-bombear-destroyed-tee.html

  • Misterdoa

    Dear Templatesmaster,

    Is there any news around the possibility to show more than one custom tab? Silvio asked for it earlier and October 1st it would be possible but I still cannot get it to work, with most recent version. Easytabs is brilliant by the way, only the possibility to show 2 of more custom tabs is missing. I hope to hear from you soon!

    Merry Christmas everybody :)

    • TemplatesMaster

      Hello Misterdoa, you can do this. Do you have latest version of this extension installed?

      • Misterdoa

        Hello TM,

        I've checked for upgrades but there were no upgrades available. I am working on the newest version available 0.71 beta.
        I hope you can help me with this, because i cannot seem to find any option to activate multiple customtabs. I've enabled them in the backend.

        • Misterdoa


          Reading back i think my question was not clear enough. The possibility to use more custom tabs is in the backend up to 5 tabs, but only the first one is showing in the frontend. If i enable the second tab only the first is shown in the frontend.

          I am sorry for the incomplete question, but I hope you can solve my problem with this info. Thank you in advance!

  • Claire

    Hi, I'm testing Magento and some extensions before going live. I've installed easy tabs and they work fine; it's a great extension.

    I have added a couple of custom tabs but they are appearing after the product review tab. Ideally I would like the custom tabs to appear before the review tab. Is there any way I can achieve this?

  • Manuela

    Hi there,

    First of all thank you for the great extension. Unforntunately I have a problem. Is there any possibility to get the options from a configurable product (product options wrapper) ant the price box below it under the easy tabs.

    Kind regards and have a nice weekend,


    • TemplatesMaster

      Hello Manuela, you should edit catalogproductview.phtml and put configurable attributes block bellow products additional data.

      <?php echo $this->getChildHtml('product_additional_data') ?>

      • Manuela


        Thanks for the support!Where can I find the configurable attributes block in the catalogproductview.phtml?
        Thanks again!

        Kind regards,

  • Katharina

    Nice Extension, thank you!

    How can i place a image in custom tab? (didn't find answer in web)

    I created the attribute with "text" and "html-tag" on "yes". Then i connected the "Custom tab #1 attribute id" with the attribute.

    When i create a tag like

    the cutom tab is gone and the image placed in the tab left to. a second image is place below the easy-tab box.

    Thank you for your efforts. Katharina


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