EasyTabs - Magento products tabs extension

We are glad to introduce new community extension Magento EasyTabs. This small extension will help anyone to add nice tabs to magento products page. Installation and configuration will take approximately 5 minutes. No files are replaced and no codding experience needed to install!
Please check demo at our demo server.

571 thoughts on “EasyTabs - Magento products tabs extension ”

  • Robert

    Hello, I am working with Template Monster (28929) layout but am having trouble with Easy Tabs and this template. Is there a quick fix ?? The original Magento skin works perfectly with Easy Tabs...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    magento version

  • Carlos

    Hello, on General Options i enabled "additional info tab" but the Tab does not appears! does this needs additional configurations?? or do i need to set some information on the Product??
    NOTE: Other tabs do appear!
    hope u can help me, thank you for your time.

  • Guy Drury

    Good Afternoon, I'm trying to install the easytabs on Magento The problem is that the easytabs don't show up at the frontend i have tried reinstalling and still nothing appears the backend looks fine and has installed correctly. Please can you help, if you have a step by step guide that would help as i think i might be missing something, thanks

  • Mike

    For those of you that install the EasyTabs extension, see it on the admin configuration, but not on your product page.

    Here is what is wrong.

    If you want a custom tab that says "More Info" you enable custom tab 1, call it More Info, and then name the id more_info...

    What you are forgetting is that you must create an attribute with the id more_info (I set it as a text field), and you also must add that attribute to the Default attribute set.

    Then when you go and manage your product you will see a text area called More Info. Add text to that field, save the product and go look at the product on the front end. Voila! It appears.

  • Arie Bruinsma


    I have a problem with the related products not showing nicely in a install.

    This is the page: http://hypostore.nl/sectolin-hot-coldpack.html

    I found the catalogproductrelated.phtml but not sure how to change the code properly.

  • jonas

    I have a prob with configuring: installation was successful, but in config page i get the result: access denied :(

  • bradley


    I installed easytabs on magento 1.4.1 using my own theme. It works fine in FF, Chrome but in IE, the product-collateral div doesnt display and the footer doesnt render. The contents is there in the Page Source in IE, but its not visible. Any ideas why IE and easytabs is doing this?

  • Roger

    This is great extension. Thank you. anyways I have been using this for couple months. I have two custom tabs from custom attribute, they been working great. however, I went to add another custom tab, I did everything the same,I copied my attribute from the one that are working. I cant get the tab to appear. do I need to change/edit my XML file for my template? I don't recall doing that. Please help. I'm using 1.4.0 magento. I have all the top option turned off. I just use custom tabs. "spec", "features" and I would like to add video tab.


    • TemplatesMaster

      You should not edit xml files. You should just add attributes to your products attributes set.

      • Roger

        I add the attributes - but the problem is when I add the video attributes to my products attributes set. the content shows up in other attributes I have created. like my “spec”, “features” and tab doesn't show up. the video appears in “spec”, “features” tab. strange.


  • Dragone

    Hello, I really love your plugins! I am using EasyTabs and all is working fine except when someone clicks on the link in the product-shop area "Be the first to review this product" I would like it to jump down and open the reviews tab. Right now if someone clicks it they get taken to a separate page. I'm sure this can be done with some sort of javascript but I am no programmer. Does anyone have a solution for this? Thank you...

  • Rick Amo

    I am trying to create a custon FAQ tab, I can not get it to show in the front end. I have tried both methods(identifier and CMS) with no luck.



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