Free Magento Classic Theme is now available for download!

We are proud to introduce first free professional Magento theme. Feel free to download it from our Magento templates store or Magento Connect. Check theme demo of our free magento theme at our demo server.

  • CSS3 Powered!
  • Easy color changes
  • Easy to upgrade, easy to customise
  • Supports all main browsers (IE6,IE7,IE8,FF2,FF3,Opera,Safari)
  • Free updates included
Magento Classic Theme


Magento Classic Theme in 9 colors


Magento classic theme is available in 10 colors now. Additional colors can be also downloaded at our server.

Installation instruction and source .psd file is included in this package.

Template is available under Creative Commons License for commercial and personal use.


We received dozen of emails asking for commercial license. Frankly speaking we were not planning to offer this template under commercial license but for all who want to buy it please go to Magento Classic Commercial License.

More free and paid Magento themes are available at We have also great offer of free Magento extensions.

1170 thoughts on “Free Magento Classic Theme is now available for download!”

  • mojo

    Thanks for this wonderful template!

    I was wondering how to change the number of new items that show up on the home page?
    I want six to show up, but only 5 are displaying even though I set well over 10 items to new.

  • thanosazlin

    regarding my post about gray gradient background and content-bg.gif . i d/l a program that would read the color of any pixel on the screen and found the color for the pixel on the gray back ground which was e9ecee. i then searched all css files and found it in boxes.css see below for the line...

    .middle-container { background: #e9ecee url(../images/content-bg.gif) repeat-x 0 0; padding: 13px 0; }

    i already changed the color of the file content-bg.gif to what i needed it to be, so i then updated background color from e9ecee to ffffff or whatever i please. but still the background color is that gray color????

    yes i do have cache turned off :)

    any ideas? this is my last post i promise after this my eshop has the look that it needs.

  • Thomas Schreier
    Thomas Schreier March 27, 2009 at 1:18 am


    just implemented my first f002 template, but the home page shows only what is shown in the installation. --content --- and also the showcase is only showing the following:

    div id="slider">
    div class="slidercontrolwr">
    div class="slidercontrol">
    a href="#" class="aprev" title="Previous" onclick="my_glider.previous();return false;">Previous
    a href="#" class="astop" title="Stop" onclick="my_glider.stop();return false">Stop
    a href="#" class="aplay" title="Play" onclick="my_glider.start();return false">Start
    a href="#" class="anext" title="Next" onclick=";return false">next................

    Thank you for your help

    • Rob

      I had this same problem -- I ended up having to turn off the WYSIWYG editor in -- System - Config - Content Managment -- set it to completely disabled.

      I then went back and re-entered all my information.

      You can also try clicking the wysiwyg button to "disable" it but I found that the wysiwyg editor is adding in code in other places that was screwing me up so I just totally disabled it.

  • RaiulBaztepo

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I'v just started to learn this language ;)
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  • -=Dazza=-

    Thanks for the solution - worked a treat.

    One more thing that has been bugging me for weeks:

    How can you change the top navigation to show only 2 levels?

    Much appreciated.


  • Lbeetles

    Hi, thanks for the great theme.

    Could someone please explain to me how i can get the categories on the left, i have tried all sorts but no joy.



  • Lbeetles

    @TemplatesMaster, where do i activate categories tree within the admin?

  • Lbeetles

    It's cool i have sorted it out now.

    just a couple of things thou is there anyway to make the nav on the left show up on every page and also would it be possible to configure the left nav so it is collapsable as i have rather a lot of categories and sub categories.


  • vernlab

    Thanks for a wonderful template that is very easy to modify! I only have a little issue. The header on the sidebar nav doesn't show on my main category pages. See the image of the issue here:

    Anyone else seeing this and know a fix to make the header show properly?


  • vernlab

    stripped out my image, but it's located at


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