Free Magento Classic Theme is now available for download!

We are proud to introduce first free professional Magento theme. Feel free to download it from our Magento templates store or Magento Connect. Check theme demo of our free magento theme at our demo server.

  • CSS3 Powered!
  • Easy color changes
  • Easy to upgrade, easy to customise
  • Supports all main browsers (IE6,IE7,IE8,FF2,FF3,Opera,Safari)
  • Free updates included
Magento Classic Theme


Magento Classic Theme in 9 colors


Magento classic theme is available in 10 colors now. Additional colors can be also downloaded at our server.

Installation instruction and source .psd file is included in this package.

Template is available under Creative Commons License for commercial and personal use.


We received dozen of emails asking for commercial license. Frankly speaking we were not planning to offer this template under commercial license but for all who want to buy it please go to Magento Classic Commercial License.

More free and paid Magento themes are available at We have also great offer of free Magento extensions.

1170 thoughts on “Free Magento Classic Theme is now available for download!”

  • Victoria Smith

    Hey Template Monster!!!

    My site is finished if you want to look at what I did with your template... perhaps with your free template section you should have a showcase of what people have done (or not) to show the versitility of your templates!


  • Jolene

    This template looks great. I have one issue that I haven't been able to figure out yet.

    With the default template I am able to have two stores and switch between them with a drop down in the footer. This was in the code already. I haven't been able to get that with this template. I'm new to Magento (we're switching over from another cart) so I don't know if there is some setting that I'm missing or if it isn't possible.

    I saw the comment above, and layered navigation is not what I'm after. I want two stores within the same website because they focus on different products but I want to share customer information.

    Please let me know if I can do this. Thanks for a great looking template.

  • Luke

    Hi Everyone,

    I really love this theme. I'm so glad I found it!

    I am hoping that someone on here can answer a couple questions for me:

    1. I want to rename the Product button to Servers.

    2. I don't want drop down menus. I want the customer to click on that button and have it go to the server list page. Right now, it keeps loading the home page.

    3. Since I don't want drop down menus, how do I get new root categories to show up on the menu bar. Right now, I can create them in the Magento Admin but nothing shows up on the bar or anywhere else on the site.

    Thanks everybody!!!

    ~ Luke

  • karen

    i've installed and everything is working well except the front page is only showing 4 new products. i have about 14 products set to new in admin, and i've changed the core file default new products to 13 (as the default 5 was showing 4, i'd like to show 12).

    any ideas?

    • Sparc


      how did you do it? I was trying to do the same
      without luck. I tried to use the switcher coder
      from default template in the footer.phtml but
      it did not work.

  • Luke

    Nevermind, we figured everything out.


  • thanosazlin

    very nice just what i needed. i am tyring to figure out how i can modify the top menu bar "home / products / about us/ ...etc" .. how can i get rid of it and just have the menu that i created when i was using the magento demo store?? or if you just want to tell me which files i need to edit to maybe add and remove items to this top menu?? thanks

  • thanosazlin

    how can i edit the menu bar that you template creates? the menu with home / products / about us/ testimonials/ etc...? how can i add/remove them and how can i even get rid of it so that i have the original menu from when i first installed meagento demo?

  • thanosazlin

    i figured the menu bar out a little bit, i see that some of the static block make up the menu and i understand that part, but i really want to just have all my products listed under the "products" section to go back to being the menu , like it was with the magento demo?

  • thanosazlin

    i am having another issue. when i click on any of my products and it takes me to that products page or section, it is defaulting to the standard mengato template?? i checked in admin and under General\Design\themes and i set all settings to f002, which is the template i am using. home page works great, just not the products.

  • Jim

    Great theme but I'm still having a problem getting the new products to display in the center column. I end up with either the original theme products or no products at all, not even the title bar "New Products"

    It's not clear to me how I can set the home page to display the new products from your advice to "set products as new in your store admin"



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