Free Magento Absolute template is ready!

Things have been pretty quiet around Templates Master for last few days. But there’s a good reason for that. We were working on new free magento template for our community members. So today we are proud to introduce our new free Absolute Magento template. Feel free to download it from our Magento themes store or Magento Connect. Check theme demo at our demo server.

More free and paid Magento templates are available at We have also great offer of free Magento extensions.

  • Product preview module!
  • Featured product slider!
  • Easy color changes
  • Easy to upgrade, easy to customise
  • Supports all main browsers (IE6,IE7,IE8,FF2,FF3,Opera,Safari)
  • Free updates included

Installation instruction and source .psd file is included in this package.

Template is available under Creative Commons License for commercial and personal use.

Commercial license is available at template page.

Magento 2 version of Free Magento Absolute template can be downloaded at our blog.

521 thoughts on “Free Magento Absolute template is ready!”

  • vinzsama

    tried to install via Magento Connect extension key, but it is no longer valid.. Anyone having the same problem?

  • Mark

    I'd like to remove some of the white space at the bottom of the main column, but I can't find the CSS that controls that. Any advice?


  • Mark

    Another question:

    How can I get bulleted lists to appear properly in product descriptions?


  • Martin

    Hi Folks,

    I have looked at this theme before, and ran into some issues customizing it - namely with menu and trying to make slices for the psd!

    Is there any guidance on:

    a) Making accurate sprites for container.png (so I can recolour it all!) - my attempts never quite look correct with shadows etc

    b) Am running into issue where I need to add links to static cms pages to dropdown menu items - I know the code to add a static link to the menu, but to the dropdowns ?

    c) menu again - it seems like I may need to add another layer to the menu entirely (something akin to the menu found on any pointers ? I can find little documentation!


  • Eugenio

    Great theme! I'm really new to Magento, so I have a really basic question... I've installed the theme, but it came in blue. How do I change the color to pink? I've downloaded the zip file, but don't know what to do with it.

    Thank you very much!

    • TemplatesMaster

      Hi Eugenio, you should simply copy selected color skin files over install blue theme.

      • Eugenio

        It did work! Changed graphic elements and also the color of the text. Thank you so much! I'm really new to Magento and to themes, is there any kind of tutorial you could point me to? I can do self-study and also I don't want to bother you with every single doubt that occurs me. Thanks again!

  • Darren

    Hi, great theme, have installed it today on a new Magento 1.4 install and it doesn't seem to work!? Has anyone else had problems?

  • Martin

    Hi Folks,

    We are working through a whole host of mods to the template, all going quite nice - however I m coming unstuck when it gets to the menu.

    Firstly: How do we create a sub-menu item via a static block ? I can see the top.phtml calling the static block (menu), and i have code akin to 'About Us'in my block - I have tried adding an indented list item but no joy!

    Secondly am I right in thinking that I can change the menu dynamically via top.phtml (spome form of if/else ont he menu call) ? In this instance I have product anchor links on my horizontal menu (i.e. products_1, products_b) - I would like to replace these with 'store' - and when store is selected show a the product options on their own horizontal menu.

  • Craig Coles

    I am currently using this amazing theme for my parents website. I do however have a problem with it, due to the amount of categories within the catalog it makes the navigation go over on to two lines, thus making it look bad.

    Is there anyway to change the navigation setup, instead of showing all the categories in the navigation, but to have one link which when rolledover, it would display all the categories?

    Any help would be much appreicated.

    • TemplatesMaster

      Hello Craig, You can hide navigation items in top menu via css. Each category marked with css class (nav-apparel, nav-electronics and so on). You can check source code of your store page for all class names. Then you will be able to out list of cateogries to hide in your custom.css. So it will look like this

      .header-nav .nav-apparel, .header-nav .nav-electronics {display: none;}

  • Mark


    You could create a root category called "Products" and then put all the other categories under that. Very easy.



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