Free Magento Absolute template is ready!

Things have been pretty quiet around Templates Master for last few days. But there’s a good reason for that. We were working on new free magento template for our community members. So today we are proud to introduce our new free Absolute Magento template. Feel free to download it from our Magento themes store or Magento Connect. Check theme demo at our demo server.

More free and paid Magento templates are available at We have also great offer of free Magento extensions.

  • Product preview module!
  • Featured product slider!
  • Easy color changes
  • Easy to upgrade, easy to customise
  • Supports all main browsers (IE6,IE7,IE8,FF2,FF3,Opera,Safari)
  • Free updates included

Installation instruction and source .psd file is included in this package.

Template is available under Creative Commons License for commercial and personal use.

Commercial license is available at template page.

Magento 2 version of Free Magento Absolute template can be downloaded at our blog.

521 thoughts on “Free Magento Absolute template is ready!”

  • Petrache Nicolae
    Petrache Nicolae May 9, 2011 at 1:15 am

    hello. can you tell me why magento absolute looks bad in firefox 4? the text is blured. in firefox 3 didn't had this problem. thanks

  • Martin Sjolte

    After installing the very well designed (thanks) absolute_theme_free on my Magento ver., the default theme still apears on the checkout, login, my account etc, pages(toplinks) - how do I apply my new theme to these pages - I have manually changed my category/produkt pages and my my homepage to the new design theme, but the top links are inacessible in the cms?

    any ideas are welcome:-)


  • shravani


    Iam using Magento absolute theme ( Green ). I have a small problem which is product view page... When i click product image in More Views, Close Window button is not Coming properly... I tried to change the code in .button span ( padding:......) but it reflect on other buttons also...Can u please find the solution for this problem...

    Thank you,

  • micheal

    thanks for your nice theme.
    do you limit the slider of the Featured products and the flash on the top?

    or we need to buy the functions?
    and how many it is?

  • Joe

    The theme is great and works very well.

    But, my QuickView doesn't load. When I click the Quick View button it just says Loading and a product screen never comes up.

    So I have two options:
    1. fix it. Not sure how, any advice appreciated!
    2. disable the QuickView.

    I tried disabling by removing the line in list.phtml, new.phtml, featured.phtml (refreshing cache and css/js cache) but not I get a JS error everytime I hover over for getelementsbyselector(). Each product I hover over gives me a new JS error.

    I'd prefer to fix it, so if you have anything I could try, please let me know.

    Regards, Joe

  • Maria

    In my dropdown navigation the first subcategory title has an extra space before the word. This makes the subcategory list look staggered, not all lined up professionally. How can I fix this? Also, when hovering over the main category then trying to to to a subcategory, the subcategories disappear. This fixes itself when you try a second time...

  • Starfall

    Do you have a groupon clone theme for Magento? I was hoping to get one for free. By the way, thanks for posting this free theme.

  • karen millen

    it looks very nice,i like it ,how i get it

  • Patricia

    I`m wondering how can I use the sliders to make links to other stores... since I wrote the whole url but it keeps searching inside the current store, not the one I want to get directed. Thanks for your help, awesome theme :)


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