• Magento Ask It! - Professional products questions

    Looking for a way to bring your customer communicatation to a new level? Or do you want to add user generated content to your products pages? Then AskIt is what you are looking for! Check new professional approach to handle customer questions at Magento powered stores.

    Customer ususaly ask same question again and again. Transform this frustrating task to your store's advantage with Askit. Instead of answering questions again and again you can create you own products knowledge base. AskIt will save countless hours spent on customer support answering same questions. Already answered products questions and answer will help to increase chance of converting your visitors to customers.

    Engaging your customers into conversation will increase your understanding of your customers concerns.


    Please find more information on the Magento Askit Extension page.

  • Magento Quick Shopping with Previous and Next products links

    Would you like to assist your customers to navigate through your store products quickly with a professional AJAX interface? Are you looking for a way to improve your products page navigation?

    For these concerns, Templates Master Quick Shopping extension is the answer. Templates Master will help improve the look of your store’s interface as well as increase your customer’s satisfaction. At the same time, you get a powerful and adaptable AJAX window to help you provide complete product information on your Categories page. Quick Shopping makes shopping easier for your customers - configurable and bundle products can be added to cart right from categories page. The Previous and Next links on your products’ page will help your customers to easily navigate through the whole website in just one click. They don’t even need to return back to the main category page to do so!


    Please find more information on the Magento Quick Shopping Extension page.

  • Magento Facebook Like button with Open Graph support

    One of the most important marketing trend in the internet today is social networks.

    With recent Facebook OpenGraph release, it is becoming much easier to manage it.

    Join now the new Facebook social "semantic" web with a help of our free extension.

    “Facebook Like It” Magento extension provide you all advantages of this great new technology.


    Please find more information on the Facebook Like Button Extension page.

  • Smart Suggest - Personalized recommendation system

    Looking for better way to keep your customers browsing your site and increase conversion rate? Smart Suggest brings power of Amazon personalized products offer to your Magento store. With 3 predefined configurable blocks and unlimited number of custom blocks Smart Products Suggest offer your visitors personalized products recommendation based on their behavior. Smart Suggest analyze products from same category, attribute set, related, upsell and crossell products to show your clients what they are looking for.


    Check Magento Smart Product Suggest extension demo at our demo store or get it at our our store

    Smart Product Suggest will help you:

    • Increase conversion rate.
    • Increase number of average page views per user.
    • Show your customers specific products that they are interested in.

    Magento Smart Product Suggest extension:

    • A must-have extension for every ecommerce website.
    • Easy 1 minute installation.
    • Analyze and suggest products from same category, attribute set, related, upsell and crossell products.
    • 3 predefined and configurable blocks.
    • Create unlimited number of extension instances at any page you need.
    • Grid, list and slide product listing modes.
    • Filter products by average price.
    • Adjust extension algorithm with event importance values.
    • Don't affect Magento core files.
  • Magento Easy Banners - Professional Banners And Custom Blocks Manager

    Looking for perfect solution to manage banners and custom blocks at your store? Tired editing your store template for each new advertisement? Then Easy Banners is right solution for you. Easy Banners is based on Magento core functionality and built to keep banners and blocks management easy, fast and flexible. Support unlimited number of placeholders and banners.


    Easy Banners will help you:

    • Manage your banners campaigns
    • Target specific customers groups
    • Display your payments and security icons
    • Display scheduled events information and holidays realated content
    • Display special hours content info

    Magento Easy Banners extension provide you with features for outstanding banners and content management

    • A must-have extension for every ecommerce website.
    • Easy 1 minute installation.
    • Create unlimited number of placeholders linked to any reference block.
    • Upload banner image or use html code, javascipt code or flash object
    • Create unlimited number of placeholders linked to any reference block
    • 10 predefined placeholders available out of the box
    • Unlimited number of banner and content block for each placeholder
    • Define sort order for each banner or block
    • Display several banner or content blocks at same placeholder
    • Target your banners and content on storeview, category, product, customer group and date range
    • Display or show banner url
    • Show targeted url content in same window, new tab or pop-up
    • Discover banner overall statistic
    • Enabling & disabling banners and placeholder
    • Don't affect Magento core files.

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