28 Magento One step checkout extensions for your store

Thinking about weighty points of the store functionality, we would like to focus on the importance of the checkout page's performance. This final step can be a successful bargain, but sometimes it fails. Being browsed some stores we have met the default magento checkout pages with a lot of boring steps before placing an order.

Honestly speaking, the nagging Continue button suggested the idea of abandoning the page and actually forget about the purchase in that web-store. Of course, it brings hassle to every online store owners….and they start looking for expedient solution that could decrease the abandonment rate. That is why many Magento developers are discovering different ways to facilitate user’s checkout experience. Multiple features have been integrating lately in order to improve the page’s usability and to speed up the order placing process. Meet some of them:

  • GeoIP technology is one of the most friendly features for customers worldwide. It means the auto-detection of visitors’ country, city, zip code based on their IP address. Why use it? By using the GeoIp database, that often comes with the feature, you will show customers automatically pre-selected shipping method or other options relevant to this user only.
  • Adding of custom fields will help you to enliven the checkout page. You can enable fields in order to request additional information from customers or provide them with essential details of the checkout process in your store. Custom fields with additional content such as discount coupon, gift card, comment proposal, etc., can be shown at any place of the checkout page.
  • The success page is shown after the order has been completed. Order details are commonly displayed there. However, some developers offer the improved success page with easily modified CMS blocks. You are allowed to place the following additional content: products with discounted price, cross-sell deals, newsletter sign-up, videos, survey tab with suggested improvements, etc. Apart from simple “Thank you” for your order you would show more useful information in order to increase customer engagement.
  • Fully responsive design is of great significance for each store that cares about modern shoppers. Online shopping gathers momentum. Statistics says 80% of internet users own a smartphone, that is why it is critically important for store owners to make web-pages mobile-friendly. The responsive checkout definitely improves the checkout experience and increases the conversion rate of your online business.
  • Delivery date and time choice available on the checkout page will help you to build trust in relationship with your customers. Thus they will be recommended to choose the convenient and expected for them date and time of product’s delivery by using the calendar. Furthermore you are allowed to predefine delivery values in the backend, for instance exclude days off.
  • Magento Enterprise edition support. You will get a new level of scalability and reliability. The bug-free code, full-page caching, faster checkout flow, built-in gift wrapping option are not the only options. In addition, your store will acquire the instant display of the product on the front end, easier updating customer attributes, advanced segmentation for customers and integrated Automated Email Message trigger system. You will also be allowed to place more page views and orders with the same hardware and technical support from magento. If you need to delve in more, you can use the following link http://www.customerparadigm.com/magento-enterprise-vs-magento-community/.
  • VAT number VIES validation is a bonus for european citizens. If you deliver products in EU countries, it would be better to provide customers with VAT number checker right on the checkout page. So, if your clients are VAT registered and hold a valid VAT number, they will not be charged VAT at your store.

New one step checkout modules created for Magento functionate much more professionally and seamlessly than the magento traditional checkout extension. We offer a glimpse at how 27 different developers are simplifying the checkout process for customers. We are also going to show you a difference table. Let’s go….

Fire Checkout by Templates Master

Fire Checkout is trustworthy plugin created by Templates Master. You are welcome to have really advanced checkout extension with a lot of useful features. You will get GeoIP feature, multi stores and multi-lingual support, configurable rules for ajax updates, up to 5 custom fields with additional content and much more benefits. Fire Checkout is breaking records in terms of third-party modules integration. The plugin works perfectly on devices with Retina display. Moreover, it comes with Order Attachments and Success Page modules. The company offers the use on multiple domains of the same installation and fully responsive design only for 189$.

One Page Checkout developed by the Ocodewire team

One Page Checkout developed by the Ocodewire team, costs 99$ without installation fee. The extension contains the following features: include/exclude existing fields, auto-updated Shipping, Payment Method and Order Review value, auto-saving contact information and fully responsive design.

Fancy Checkout from Magebay

Fancy Checkout from Magebay allows users to update product's quantities, add coupon codes and use the checkout form on mobile devices without reloading the whole page. The module provides the survey configuration, extended terms and condition configuration and also the off-canvas layout of the shopping cart. You can choose one of four checkout versions which are available for 69,99$-199,99$.

Step-by-step One Page Checkout by WEBTEX

Step-by-step One Page Checkout extension is provided by WEBTEX software company. They offer an improved a little bit the default magento checkout for users and pretty easy configuration for each of 6 checkout steps for admins. One of the improvements is the shopping cart content and order summary showcase next to each checkout step. Free customer support and extensions update are also suggested. The price is 139$. The installation costs 49,95$.

CheckItOut by EcomDev

CheckItOut of EcomDev developers is compatible with Community, Professional and Enterprise magento edition. It offers to choose the one of multiple one page checkout layouts and color schemes. The visual layout configuration is easy to use. All core payment and shipping methods, the GeoIp address autocomplete, the validation of customer data and additional checkout fields settings are also supported. This plugin is quite high-priced. You will get it by paying 245€.

Awesome checkout by Annata design team

Using Awesome checkout the checkout module spruced up by the Annata design team, you will get one page checkout form with customizable appearance settings, smart predicting user inputs and modern responsive design. 10 payment gateways and 7 different languages are supported. Starting from 199$

One step/page checkout from IWD company

One step/page checkout from IWD company delivers the reduced checkout process for free. It comes with an adjusted buttons design and separate Paypal configuration. The Braintree and Sage Pay methods integration is also provided. The Enterprise version of the module allows users to pay with gift cards and reward points. 3D credit card validation is supported.

One Page checkout from Magestore

One Page checkout from Magestore is available on any device. More than 40 payment methods are supported on the checkout page. The extension includes Google Suggest function integrated. In addition, you can meet the other important features as comment fields, delivery date option and wrapping product service. You can buy the module for 149$.

The One Step Checkout by Apptha

The One Step Checkout plugin created by Apptha is widely customizable. It comes with multi-language support, GeoIp detection feature and default shipping and payment methods integration. The extension offers customers to checkout as a guest as well as registered user. Included address book for saving addresses also promotes customer convenience. The extension starts working after paying 99$.

One Step Checkout by Haltngomage

One Step Checkout is rather simple checkout extension developed for Magento by Haltngomage company. The team says it's plugin is 100%multilingual and 100% flexible with all themes. Enables gift messages and checkout survey. Provides customers with the GeoIp detection. The price is 99$ with single domain license.

One Step Checkout by Kodematix

One Step Checkout was developed by Kodematix team. The extension allows customers edit the cart content as well as to enter the coupon code and get a discount directly on checkout page. It also enables Subscribe to newsletter and Terms & Conditions check boxes. These and some other features you can buy for 45$.

Free One Step Checkout from Lotus Breath company

Free One Step Checkout supports Guest, Register and Already registered checkout. You are allowed to choose between 2 or 3 column layouts. Multiple languages are supported. The extension also provides you with gift card, comment and discount code options. The installation and support are available for 30$.

One Step Checkout Pro by CMS Ideas

One Step Checkout Pro provided by CMS Ideas comes with flexible configuration. You can change the layout, skip the shopping cart page, configure the GeoIp settings and validate EU VAT. The extension is 100% ajax powered. Customers are allowed to Select an address from their address book. The plugin costs 59$ without installation fee.

One Step Checkout by CMSmart

The other One Step Checkout extension was developed by CMSmart team. The plugin comes with fully responsive 2 or 3 column layout and many advanced options such as Geo IP technology, quick login pop-up, saving address in address book and other. One of the improvements is ability to change scheme colors. The module costs 59,86$. You will also get the installation service for 50$.

Quick One Step Checkout from MageFam

Quick One Step Checkout module from MageFam offers you easily customizable checkout form. You can set the order delivery option, enable the ajax email validation and modify the heading title and description of the checkout field. A lot of friendly gifts for customers are also included in the extension. These are a discount input, shipping method auto-updating, pop-up with log in, etc. You can get the extension by paying 29$ for the module and 75$ for the installation.

All-In-One Checkout by the Aitoc

All-In-One Checkout created by the Aitoc company will help your customers to register during the checkout process, apply a coupon code, pick either 3-column layout or standard Magento checkout form in order to place the order conveniently. The extension also offers an auto-update of price and totals, shipping rates and available payment methods when choosing country, zip code or region, shipping method and shipping / payment method appropriately. Adding custom fields is available. Much more you can have with this extension by paying 199$.

LightCheckout by GoMage

LightCheckout supplied by GoMage team is one of the most feature-rich checkout extensions. About 15 checkout languages are supported. For better usability, EU customers are provided with VAT Information Exchange System. Apart the GeoIp, gift wrap, delivery date and time choosing services, the extension enables adding poll on the checkout page. Another significant point is that the module is integrated with 29 third-party modules. You can get the extension by paying 169$.


One Step Checkout from the ExtensionHut

One Step Checkout from the ExtensionHut team supports all payment and shipping methods.from Here are some of featured advantages: theme and custom color selection, customer leading source section, comments field with comment label, adding title & buttons background colors and CSS. The module also enables the customer message to be shown over different checkout steps. If you like it you have to pay 49$ plus 300$ for multiple domain license..

One Step Checkout by Magecom Technology

The following One Step Checkout plugin was created by Magecom Technology team. This ordinary module enables newsletter subscription and terms and conditions checkboxes. Coupon codes with auto-updating of payment methods are also supported. The extension is valid for a single domain and costs 30$ for now.


Express checkout created by Unicode

Express checkout was created by Unicode store software developers. They offer one page checkout form with a few additional options such as: delivery date, configurable checkout title and description, comment field and discount coupon settings and include/exclude fields feature. If it is enough for you, the extension can be yours for 49$.

Facile Checkout by Cogzidel

Facile Checkout developed by Cogzidel shop is absolutely free extension with responsive design. The plugin comes with clear and simple checkout interface. The team is promising the use of the extension on multiple domains. Besides free of charge module's package, you have to pay 149$ for 3 months support & updates.

One Step Checkout by Amasty

One Step Checkout created by Amasty provides customers with 2 and 3 column layouts. Responsive design is supported. The extension also includes GeoIp feature, ajax auto-updates, subscribe to email newsletter, the login for either registered and non-registered visitors right on the checkout page. The module costs 149$ without installation service.


One Step Checkout by Mage Solution

One Step Checkout was created for Magento by Mage Solution company. The extension is multilingual. A lot of useful features are included. You can meet here configurable delivery options, changeable labels, ajax loading and flexible fields’ display. The module comes with mobile theme support. The price is 69$ without installation fee.

Quick Checkout by FME

Quick Checkout was developed by FME extensions company. The extension offers you to apply the colour code for the background of tabs and CSS style for buttons’ headings as well as to choose multiple color schemes for different form fields. Ultimately you can create your own checkout page theme. Custom text for login link and custom width for agreement popups are also supported. You can receive the responsive design and more features by paying 85$ plus 35$ for installation.


One Step Checkout by Amasty

One Step Checkout created by Amasty provides customers with 2 and 3 column layouts. Responsive design is supported. The extension also includes GeoIp feature, ajax auto-updates, subscribe to email newsletter, the login for either registered and non-registered visitors right on the checkout page. The module costs 149$ without installation service.

Advanced Checkout by OYE Network

Advanced Checkoutl comes for free. OYE Network team enables the selection of 3 different checkout layouts. You are also allowed to skip the shopping cart page. In order to get an assist with installation, you have to pay 49€.


One Step Checkout Pro by Mage World

One Step Checkout Pro is provided by Mage World company. Gift wrap and delivery choosing services are available as well as Log in via Facebook option. The Flat design for checkout page was released recently thereto. Free installation is suggested. The whole module’s package costs 149$.


OneStepCheckout offers 3 editions of their one page checkout module. Comes with 2 different skins, ajax-update features, implemented comment and newsletter checkbox fields and only optional GeoIP auto-detection. The price range is 245-590 EUR. lazyload All the developers mentioned above speak geek, however we decided to highlight only some of them that are deserved to be compared. One page checkout Magento extensions will be compared in terms of rating based on price, installation, support, number of layouts available, additional features, etc. Making comparison we want help you to choose an absolutely valuable checkout extension created for magento which is going to win. You are welcome to glance at the similarities and differences. Just go on...

Fire Checkout One step Fancy Apptha CMS mart Mage solution Mage World Light Checkout Amasty
Price 189$ 345€ 199,99$ 99$ 59,86$ 69$ 149$ 169$ 149$
Number of licensed magento instances Multiple on same server 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1
Installation free paid 1 time free free paid paid free paid paid
Support free 1 year paid free free free 90 days free free 1 year free 6 months free 4 months
Updates period free 1 year free 6 months ? ? lifetime free 1 year free 1 year free 1 year
Enterprise edition support + paid + - - paid paid + paid
Additional fields + - - + - - - - -
EU VAT Checker + - - - - - + + -
Comment field + + + + - + + + -
Delivery date + - + - + - + + -
Layout 2, 3 column 3 column 3 column 3 column 3 column 2 column 2, 3 column 3 column 2, 3 column
Responsive + + + + + + + + +
Mobile optimized + - - - - + - + -
GeoIP city, region, country, zip - country, city, zip + country, city, zip - country + country
Order attachments + - - - - - - + (images) -

Mulling over the data we have picked up you will be probably interested about extensions' statistics. We mean “What module has the best functionality?”, “What will I get for free?”, “What about more remarkable design for my checkout form?”, etc.


So, the most expensive extension is One Step Checkout created by the experienced company with the same name. We suppose the price is justified, however you can find lower-priced checkout improvements. Check It Out from Ecomdev ranked as a second in terms of highest cost.

Enterprise edition power

Only a few extensions offer free Enterprise version included in one page checkout module. These are IWD One step/page checkout, Anatta Design Awesome checkout, GoMage LightCheckout and Templates Master's Fire Checkout. If you choose the extension from Mage Solution, Magestore, MageWorld or Amasty developers, you would have to pay much more in order to use powerful Enterprise features.

Free offers

IWD One step/page Checkout, Lotus Breath One step Checkout and OYE Network Advanced Checkout plugins come for free. As a bonus you can get free lifetime support from Magestore company. Free customer support and future updates are also provided by Webtex software and Haltngomage companies. Besides you will get an absolutely free installation while buying the One Step Checkout created by MageWorld and the Fire Checkout made by Templates Master companies.


Talking about multilingual checkout process as a credibility building tool, we’d like to highlight GoMage LightCheckout extension, which provides customers with 15 languages and Templates Master Fire Checkout with 14 appropriately. In addition you can get 100% multilingual work with language of your choice using the checkout plugin developed by Haltngomage team.

Creative design tricks

In order to transform the ordinary checkout page into inspirational one, some of developers suggest well-designed one page checkout form. Quite so Mage Solution One step checkout and CMS ideas One step checkout offer to add creative labels next to general checkout steps names.


Extensions developed by savvy CMSmart and FME guys come with flexible color scheme changes. By following the fashion the MageWorld company allows you to select theme style Flat/Classic for your checkout page.


No-hassle with other modules

Fire Checkout and One Page Checkout created by Templates Master and Magestore accordingly are downright winners in third-party modules compatibility. TheExtensionHut team also says it supports all payment and shipping methods. Why not to check it out?

Get best at functionality

After you finish with collecting and analyzing all results possible, we recommend you to determine what are you aiming at? We mean not the plugin purchase only…..but the long-term best checkout page performance. Once you buy the package, you require an installation assistance as well as professional support and timely updates. The majority of software developers push the low cost of the checkout plugin. It’s a kind of trick. By further discovering purchase details you figure out that all templates’ modifications and customizations are available for additional fees. What if find the extension that will do everything?! In our estimation two modules demonstrate best functionality combined with reasonable priced service. Templates Master Fire Checkout comes first with free installation, 1 year of free support, updates and multiple domains hosting. The LightCheckout created by GoMage team takes the 2-d place with paid installation instructions and 6 months of free support. Need a reliable partner? It's over to you friends.

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