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Magento One Page Checkout - Firecheckout 2.0

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Are you looking for an effective way to increase your store conversion rate?

The checkout process is by far one of the most complicated, yet most important parts of any e-Commerce website. With our Magento one step checkout you’ll be able to offer your customers a quick and easy way to complete their transactions that they will appreciate.

Checkout processes that involve many steps and form elements that are confusing, tedious or frustrating for the customer leads to an increase of shopping cart abandonment and losing those customers. We know that one of the easiest and best ways to help you keep your customers happy is to provide them with a simple checkout form. When your visitors are able to place their orders quickly and without instance, your sales will immediately increase.

Fire Checkout provides full support for all payment and shipping methods, which means that there will be no core modification needed to install your new one-page checkout solution. Improve your store checkout process and increase your sales today with Fire Checkout. Apply less effort and get more customers. Start improving your store today and achieve an immediate increase in sales with FireCheckout, along with our wide variety of Magento templates, Magento themes and extensions here at Templates Master!

Fire Checkout 2.5 live demo

Check Magento 1 page checkout extension demo at our demo:

Installation instructions and manuals:

Availability: In Stock


Additional info

Magento Compatibility Magento CE 1.3, Magento CE 1.4.0, Magento CE 1.4.1, Magento CE 1.4.2, Magento CE 1.5, Magento CE 1.6, Magento CE 1.7, Magento CE 1.8, Magento CE 1.9, Magento EE 1.11, Magento EE 1.12, Magento EE 1.13, Magento EE 1.14
Locale English, Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
One page checkout magento 2 columns layout

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  • Magento one page checkout 3 columns layout
  • One page checkout magento 2 columns layout
  • Magento one page checkout  modified order success page
  • Mageto  single page checkout address validation
  • Mageto one page checkout settings
  • Magento checkout page settings
  • Magento 1 page checkout settings
Flexible layout & Fast Ajax updates

Flexible layout & Fast Ajax updates

  • Minimalistic 3 column layout
  • User friendly 2 column layout
  • Update payment method block via Ajax
  • Update shipping method block via Ajax
  • Ajax based Coupon code support
  • Update order totals block via Ajax
  • Set rules for AJAX updates
Easily modify your checkout and checkout success page layout

Easily modify your checkout and checkout success page layout

  • Improve your checkout success page with order details block
  • Place 3 custom content blocks on Fire Checkout page
  • Add 2 custom content blocks on checkout success page
Magento Geolocation support

Magento Geolocation support

  • Locate users country, city and state with geolocation technology
Magento Geolocation support

Magento delivery date option

  • Allow your customers to set delivery date for their orders
Magento responsive checkout page optimised for mobile devices

Magento responsive checkout page optimised for mobile devices

  • Responsive design right out of the box
  • Optimised for mobile devices
  • Optimised for tablets devices
Magento Ajax shopping cart

Magento Ajax shopping cart

  • Change products quantity via Ajax
  • Show your products images
Magento terms and condition support

Magento terms and condition support

  • Supports Terms & Conditions block on checkout page.
  • 2 different display type available
Magento order comments

Magento order comments

  • Allow your customers send comments for their orders
Flexible customer address form fields

Flexible customer address form fields

  • Change sort order of customer address fields via extension settings
  • Enable or disable customers fields that you don’t need
Magento custom checkout fields

Magento custom checkout fields

  • Allows to create up to 5 custom fields on checkout such as Comments or How do you hear about us.
  • Textarea, input, checkbox and select input fields are supported
  • Display your customer fields in your order emails, pdf invoices and customer order view

Supports most popular payment and shipping modules

  • Payment methods: Paypal, Saved CC, Check / Money Order, Purchase Order,, Paybox System, Paybox Direct, Protx Standard, eWAY, ChronoPay, Cybermut, iDEAL, Ogone, Authorize, SecurePay, Cash on Delivery, ePay, Ebizmarts Sage Pay, Klarna, Payone, Phoenix Ipayment

  • Shipping methods: Table Rate, Flat Rate, Free Shipping, TNT, Fedex, DHL, UPS, USPS, Owebia Shipping, Meanbee Royal Mail, Store Pickup, Relaypoint

  • Modules by third-part developers: uGiftCert, CraftyClicks, WebShopApps MatrixRate, Fontis Australia, J2t Reward Points, Buyer Protect, Tig postcode, EU VAT Grouper

Request third party modules integration for free!

Supports most popular payment and shipping modules

And much more with our Magento one step checkout!

  • Improve your sales. According to clients case studies sales goes up from 10% to 70%.
  • Free Magento one step checkout installation. Our team will be install and configure extension for you within 24 hours
  • Reduce 6 checkout steps to 1. Reducing 6 steps to just 1 will greatly increase your store sales and customer experience
  • Define default shipping and payment methods
  • Disable or enable Firecheckout on mobile devices
  • Skip shopping cart page and direct your customers directly to checkout page
  • Multiply Store license. You can use Firecheckout on several stores hosted on same server.
  • 100% open source. You can edit and check any part of our code and be sure that code is secure.
  • Available in 12 languages (English, Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian)
  • VAT verification for the Europe Union countries using VAT Information Exchange System

Why Firecheckout?

We know that usually developers spends a lot of time looking for the most suitable solution. Our team analyzed most popular one step checkout extensions and created a feature comparison table that will help you to make your decision.

One Step Checkout v4
LightCheckout v4.1
Price 189$ 325$ 169$
Number of licensed domains Multiply installed on same server 1 domain 1 domain
Installation Free Paid Paid
Support Free 1 year Paid Free 6 months
Updates period Free 1 year Free 6 months Free 1 year
Additional fields Supported Not supported Not supported
Number of languages 12 1 15
EU Vat Checker Supported Not supported Supported
Order comments Supported Supported Supported
Delivery date Supported Not supported Supported
Number of layouts Minimalistic 3 column layout
User friendly 2 column layout
3 column layout 3 column layout
Responsive layout Supported Not supported Not supported
Mobile optimised Supported Not supported Not supported
Support EU requirements Supported Not supported Not supported
Precise AJAX settings Supported Not supported Not supported
Allow to skip shopping cart Supported Supported Supported
Geolocation City, Region, Country City, Country City, Country
  1. Best one step checkout extension without doubts by Sergio - on 9/2/14

    I have used in the past extension and tryed around of 5 more similar extensions (2 free), and this is the best one step checkout extension without doubts.

    Is the only one extension that include all the features needed for us with high compatibility with a lot of other extensions.

    Have very good price compared with other extensions that provide less features or are very more limited, for example in others you need to pay per domain, and here works for any domain in same magento installation.

    Works perfect with a multistore with multidomain.

    The support help me very fast solving some incompatibilities with other extensions, caused by the other extensions, that need to modify some code in the files of the other extensions, and made this for free.

    Thank you so much!
  2. Exceptional extension and Support!!! A++++ by Fragrance on 6/7/14

    Exceptional extension and Support!!! A++++

    Cannot recommend this company highly enough. Not only does this extension work seamlessly with very little effort to install, they went ABOVE AND BEYOND helping me with an issue that was not related to this extension. I cannot speak highly enough of their extensions and the support they provide. Thank you so much for all of your help!!!!
  3. Great product with a great service. by Maybray DIgital on 6/5/14

    The extension itself was very straight forward to install. We had few issues but their support was fantastic; very quick responses. Our client is quite happy with the one page checkout and has helped to convert sales. Thanks guys from Maybray Digital.
  4. Fantastic Suppport, Great Extension by davelaar on 5/8/14

    Purchased this extension last week, worked out of the box on Magento with Ultimo Theme and Postcode.NL API. After little modification done by Templates Master it also shows MyParcel PakjeGemak in checkout. Great
  5. SteveBerrill by Excellent Developer Support on 5/8/14

    This extension is very good and I would recommend to others.
  6. Outstanding Support! by cakeadmin on 5/8/14

    I do not normally write reviews, but i feel i must on this occasion.
    Peter Damien installed this module for us on one of our multi-store set up within an hour of making the purchase.
    We had some issues which were related to our theme and not the module, but Peter spent a lot of time on it to get the module to work with it.
    I cannot thank Peter and his team for getting this module to work seamless for us!
    Buy this module, there are none better than this one, if only for the support at least!
  7. Excellent Service by tonypascone13 on 5/8/14

    Had an issue with styles sheet an wrote these guys. Within 3 minutes I had a first response from a tech. This is sooo rare these days.
    Very impressed with product and service..
  8. Top One step checkout! Recommended by Denis on 3/22/14

    Best plugin! I've tested others but firecheckout is far far The Best!

    I am missing email and phone number field validation.
    Phone validation, formats, let say 000-000-000 or 00-00-00-000..., or just to have ability at the backend to set various phone formats.

    Anyway, this doesn't change my opinion about firecheckout!
    The best!

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Improve your Magento checkout page

Are you looking for a way to increase your store conversion rate?

Checkout process is most important and complicated part of any ecommerce site. Complicated checkout process with many steps and form elements leads to losing customers and increase of shopping cart abandonment. Keeping checkout form simple is one of the best way to help your customers place an order and quickly increase sales.

Fire checkout extension provide fully customisable magento checkout page with ajax powered page updates. Customers city and country geolocation reduce number of steps needed to place order for new customers. Checkout process get even easier for registered customers. Magento one step checkout helps them to place their orders just with one click using predefined billing and shipping settings.

Fire Checkout provide full support for all payment and shipping methods. No core modification needed to install your new magento one page checkout extension.

Improve your store checkout process and increase your sales today with Fire Checkout. Spend less efforts and get more customers. Start improving your store today and get immediate increase in sales!

Live Demo

Check Magento Fire Checkout extension demo at our demo:

Our one step checkout extension will help you:

  • Provide 1 click checkout magento feature for registered customers!
  • Increase store conversion rate
  • Improve customer user experience
  • Simplify checkout price

Magento FireCheckout extension:

  • Configurable address form fields sort order
  • Delivery date option
  • Flexible AJAX updates for checkout page
  • Improved overall performance over 30%
  • Now available in 11 languages (English, Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish)
  • Support users country and city auto-detect with geolocation technology!
  • Use on multiply domains of same installation!
  • Easy to control checkout fields
  • Set default shipping and payment methods
  • Update all checkout fields with Ajax request
  • Easily manage required customer fields
  • Supports Terms & Conditions form
  • Optional AJAX update
  • Order comments placed in order email notification
  • Coupon code support
  • VAT verification for the Europe Union countries using VAT Information Exchange System (VIES)
  • Supports UK Postcode Lookup / Address Finder by CraftyClicks
  • A must-have extension for every ecommerce website.
  • Multi-store and multi-language support.
  • Free extension installation
  • Easy 1 minute installation.
  • Don't affect Magento core files.

Magento FireCheckout extension also

  • 100% Open source
  • Easy to install and use
  • 15 day money back guaranteed
  • 3 months of free support since purchase date
  • free 1 year upgrades
  • Created according to magento programming guidlines
  • Our fanatic support will do everything you need to solve your problems.

Products Questions:

Posted by David Cope on Sunday, August 3, 2014


Hi, does your extension work with worldpay? also I've been having issues with other one page checkout extensions (which I've been testing - including the bundled OPC checkout in magento 1.9 CE) with Ajax not loading in IE explorer 9 & 10)..have tested your demo & appears to work fine! so I'm guessing there would be no issues there? Have been using HardikAjaxCart (for adding items into the basket, which I quite like)..I guess that there would be no conflict here? Kind regards David


  • Posted by Peter D. on Sunday, August 3, 2014
    Our extension supports Worldpay but i don't sure for 100% about "Select Junior". In any case if you will have any compatability problems then our developers will fix that issue for free.
  • Posted by David Cope on Sunday, August 3, 2014
    apologies, I meant Worldpay 'Select Junior' which uses HTML forms to send information about each purchase to WorldPay. I have a module installed - so I guess this will function ok?
Posted by Vasanthakumar Dharmalingam on Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Billsafe extension is not working in our Magento enterprise with the checkitout extension. Please check it out here - You can add one product and go to the check out page. After entering the post code, the billsafe payment option become disabled. Kindly check and let us know your comments.


  • Posted by Peter D. on Wednesday, July 9, 2014
    Can you tell us what version of Firecheckout do you use?
Posted by Ethan Zeng on Monday, June 23, 2014


I enabled the fire checkout, but it didn't show when I try to checkout, after I click checkout button in shopping cart page, it show magento default checkout page.


  • Posted by Peter D. on Monday, June 23, 2014
    Please contact our support at It looks like your theme have hardcodded checkout page links.
Posted by Ethan Zeng on Monday, June 23, 2014


Does the extension support ebizmarts sagepay extension with 3D secure enabled? at before, we have an extension which can support sagepay with 3D secure disabled, but when we enable the 3D secure, it done work with sagepay, so before I buy this extension, I need confirm this extension can work with sagepay 3D secure.


  • Posted by Peter D. on Monday, June 23, 2014
    Our clients used Firecheckout with that option so it should be working fine. In case you will have any problems you can contact our support and our developers will apply compatibility patches for free.

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Fire Checkout 2.5.7

1st July 2014
  • Added ability to select vat field to validate (taxvat vs vat_id)
  • TemplateTag_Stripe compatibility added
  • Emja_Taxrelief support
  • Webshopapps_Wsafreightcommon support
  • Emjainteractive_ShippingOption support
  • Fixed integration with latest Paymill payment
  • Added ability to redirect to firecheckout page if firecheckout param is found in url

Fire Checkout 2.5.6

1st June 2014
  • Added housenumber script, that allows to replace the second address line with housenumber field.
  • Fixed AddressReview update when clicking the "Ship to the same address" checkbox
  • Fixed error in downloadable item renderer path
  • Added small css and js fixes for Magento 1.9 rwd theme
  • Greek taxvat code validation fix
  • Inchoo_SocialConnect integration added

Fire Checkout 2.5.5

12th May 2014
  • Removed ability to buy downloadable product without registration
  • Fixed applying address for customer with default addresses
  • Fixed missing checkout button when onepage checkout is disabled
  • Removed shipping form synchronization with billing form
  • Added address form reset when new address is selected
  • Third-party modules integrations
  • Bpost_ShippingManager
  • Tig_MyParcel
  • Amasty_Deliverydate
  • Magebuzz_Rewardpoint
  • SagePaySuite directpro integration unpdated
  • Phoenix_Ipayment integration updated
  • z-index for window and mask increased. Ultimo integration

Fire Checkout 2.5.4

31th March 2014
  • Backend delivery date output for Magento 1.5 fix
  • Added renderer for downloadable item in cart
  • Removed alert about existing customer when updating billing address
  • Additional link styles added for email exists window
  • Radweb_Stripe integration added
  • Customweb_PayUnity integration added
  • Braintree integration updated
  • SmartPost integration updated
  • Aitoc_Aitgiftwrap integration added
  • PostcodeNl_Api compatibility added
  • Magestore_Storepickup integration

Fire Checkout 2.5.3

10th February 2014
  • SmartPost integration added
  • Fixed applying of the payment method, when price filter for methods is used
  • Backgrounds merged into single sprite image
  • Removed popup window sprite image. Css3 is used instead.
  • Overlay removed. Compatibility with address by postcode detection
  • Klarna payment method integration update
  • J2t Rewardpoints integration update
  • SagePaySuite integration fix
  • Additional css reset styles
  • Module sort order updated
  • Added error message about missing USPS user_id
  • Address verification links replaced with buttons
  • Additional checkmoney styles added to fix some themes

Fire Checkout 2.5.2

13th January 2014
  • MageWorx_CustomerCredit integration updated
  • AW_Advancednewsletter module integration added
  • Taxvat validator now can receive number with coutry code
  • Static block moved outside of ajax reloading review table block
  • Rewardpoints reload added, when changing cart items
  • Magento 1.8.1 compatibility. Wee tax calculation template ported from 1.8.1

Fire Checkout 2.5.1

26th November 2013
  • J2t Rewardpoints integration updated
  • Added additional reset styles and clears
  • Fixed output of the delivery date for different timezones
  • Updated template paths to include tm prefix
  • Fixed order submit button for virtual products
  • Fixed saving of the entered taxvat number on page reload
  • Checkoutsuccess page is now compatible with thrd-party order total modules
  • AW_Points integrated into checkoutsuccess page

Fire Checkout 2.5.0

11th November 2013
  • Ability to add additional content on firecheckout page added
  • Success page module added to firecheckout, that allows to customize order success page
  • Fixed delivery date visibility in backend, when editing the order
  • Resources moved to tm subfolder
  • Netresearch_Billsafe module integration updated
  • Improved AW_Rewards compatibility
  • Removed warning about not existing Netresearch_Billsafe class
  • Firecheckout_Adminhtml_Model moved to standard model folder
  • firecheckout/review.phtml rewrite removed from checkoutfields module
  • Dynamic layout loading added, that helps to provide out of the box integration with following modules:
    AW_Newsletter, Billpay, Bysoft_Relaypoint, CraftyClicks, Ebizmarts_SagePaySuite, Enterprise_Enterprise, GCMC_GiveChange, Geissweb_Euvatgrouper, IntellectLabs_Stripe, IrvineSystems_Deliverydate, IrvineSystems_JapanPost, IrvineSystems_Sagawa, IrvineSystems_Seino, IrvineSystems_Yamato, Kiala_LocateAndSelect, Klarna_KlarnaPaymentModule ,Mage_Captcha, Magestore_Storepickup, MageWorx_MultiFees, Netresearch_OPS, Payone_Core, Phoenix_Ipayment, Rewardpoints // J2t Rewardpoints, Symmetrics_Buyerprotect, TIG_Postcode, Webtex_Gitcards
    Unfortunately some of the modules still needs to be edited. But FireCheckout sources is ready to use without any modifications.

Fire Checkout 2.4.6

7th October 2013
  • Magento 1.8 code sync
  • Secure key added to firecheckout form
  • Fixed gradient image for firecheckout form sections
  • DeliveryDate feature: Period in days when delivery will be available, since first available day
  • Update of IrvineSystems modules integration
  • TNT Infostrates observer fixed for ajax reloaded shipping methods
  • Improved check for modules enabled status.
  • J2t Rewardpoints integration updated

Fire Checkout 2.4.5

2th September 2013
  • Added support for quantity increments when using +/- buttons in shopping cart
  • AddressFields status save: Warning message removed in Magento and earlier.
  • Validate form method created to allow to validate firecheckout form from any script
  • Success page url changed to checkout/onepage/success to provide compatibility with third party tracking extensions
  • Fixed saving guest email and phone to quote on address refresh
  • Fixed saving of last selected address for registered users
  • Fixed sending order confirmation emails for magento 1.4.2
  • Fixed updating OrderReview section in IE10
  • Fixed click on single available payment method
  • Fixed error in billing form, when Mage_Newsletter module is disabled.
  • Imporved check for Mage_Capcha module. Added check for etc/modules status.
  • Added synchronization of klarna invoice form with address form
  • Infostrates TNT shipping method support added (need to edit tnt.js to add event firing, when ajax request is completed)
  • TigPostcode extension templates updated to the latest version
  • Givechange module integration
  • Klarna part integration added
  • Partial Amasty coupons integration. Still needs to edit Amasty_Coupons_Block to change template.
  • Partial webtext giftcard integration. Still need to edit giftcard.xml and CartController.php

Fire Checkout 2.4.4

8th July 2013
  • One firecheckout version for Magento
  • Irvine shipping methods integration added
  • Undefined warning removed, when using one line for address field
  • Compatibility with third party themes, that using border-box style for all elements
  • Customer credit integration fixed
  • Billsafe Integration
  • Euvat extension compatibility added
  • Ability to reload order totals on taxvat change added
  • Fixed displaying of Email already in use window
  • Password will not be copied to OrderReview section
  • Fixed ugiftcert warning when applying coupon code
  • Checkoutfields will not redefine pdf print models, to prevent conflicts with other pdf modules. To enable checkoutfields printing, follow instructions from checkoutfields configuration options

Fire Checkout 2.4.3

4th June 2013
  • Check for minimum amount when removing item from cart fixed.
  • No more unnecessary captcha refreshes, when updating page content.
  • Fixed optional and hidden region field for Magento 1.6.2 and earlier
  • Fixed hidden postcode field
  • Fixed bug when Mage_Persitent was disabled with etc/modules file
  • Improved compatibility with third-party themes, that used height style for input fields
  • Added parsing of System is busy message from VIES validator
  • AheadWorks Newsletter module integration added
  • Integration with Irvine DeliveryDate and JapanPost added
  • Partial uSplitRates integration added. Still needs to edit app/code/local/TM/FireCheckout/Model/Quote/Address.php
  • Partial integration with Stripe payment methods added. Need to edit stripe/form/stripe.phtml

Fire Checkout 2.4.2

10th May 2013
  • Enterprise version compatibility update
  • New registration mode: Guest checkout is allowed and registration checkbox is checked by default
  • Ability to set the default checkbox state for shipping address and newsletter subscription
  • Configuration options grouped into smaller parts

Fire Checkout 2.4.1

17th April 2013
  • MageWorx Customercredit integration
  • Css improvements for mobile and tablet devices
  • First avaialble shipping will not selected if default one is not found
  • Fixed shipping price, when weight vs destination is used. Matrix rate compatible
  • Kiala LocateAndSelect integration added
  • BillPay compatibility
  • Comptibility with Magento per-country postcode and region configuration added

Fire Checkout 2.4.0

14th March 2013
  • Css and templates moved to base folder in order to provide compatibility with non-default based themes
  • Css improvements. Form fields are now have fluid styles, to match various theme width
  • Customer comments moved to separate database field
  • Added ability to edit customer comment, delivery date and additional fields from backend interface
  • Improved configuration section for form fields sort order. Drag'n'drop is now supported
  • Optional Usps address verification added. Only United States addresses will be verified if enabled
  • Improved edit address links at the address review section
  • Integration with Storepickup module updated
  • AheadWorks Point extensionintegration added
  • Added support of SagePay saved tokens feature
  • Paymill integration added
  • Generel code cleanup
  • Syntax errors removed

Fire Checkout 2.3.6

24th January 2012
  • Paypal fixes for payflowlink, payflowadvanced and hostedpro solutions
  • Fixed missing dicount amount, when placing order as guest in Magento
  • TBT RewardsPoint partial integration
  • Improved display of long product attributes in shopping cart
  • SVMPayment integration fixed
  • Improved integration with SagepayDirect incheckout mode
  • CraftyClicks integration improvements

Fire Checkout 2.3.4

6th December 2012
  • Agreements wrapper will not visible, if there are no agreements available.
  • OrderReview styles improvements.
  • IE stability fix for slowly loading sites.
  • Payment tooltip positioning fixed, when position relative is used on parent elements.
  • IE7 css and javascript fixes.
  • CheckoutFields updated:
  • Compatibility with Magento 1.5, 1.6 added.
  • Ability to enable/disable printing of checkout fields for invoices and packingslips

Fire Checkout 2.3.3

20th November 2012
  • Unirgy gift card integration fixed.
  • Order review with single payment method fixed.
  • Order review with billing address only fixed.
  • Buyerprotection integration added.

Fire Checkout 2.3.2

15th October 2012
  • Saving delivery date and additional checkout fields when PaypalExpress or similar method is used fixed.
  • Payone integration added

Fire Checkout 2.3.1

17th September 2012
  • Added check for minimum order amount during cart update
  • Fire Checkout layout updated. Now it has more cleaner place order section.
  • Order review block added for EU countries and overall layout is now fully compatible with recent EU requirements
  • Shopping cart section improved. Product name as link and short products description cab be shown now

Fire Checkout 2.2.0

5th July 2012
  • 5 custom order fields added
  • Hide other shipping methods, if free is applicable (optional)
  • Nice looking styles on our Mobile Star theme
  • Improved positioning of the popup window and spinner on mobile devices
  • Fixed conflict with Magento's _canShowForUnregisteredUsers method.
  • In order to improve Fire Checkout compatibility with third party extensions "Enable Agreements" option was removed. Please use Magento standard config option instead. You can find it at the checkout options section.

Fire Checkout 2.1.1

27th April 2012
  • Magento CE 1.7 support
  • Captcha support

Fire Checkout 2.1

11th April 2012
  • Editable shopping cart on checkout page
  • Optionally show products images on checkout page
  • Improved message for the customers using emails that are already in use
  • Improved Fire Checkout page layout
  • Improved performance while saving Fire Checkout configuration

Fire Checkout 2.0

12th January 2012
  • Configurable address form fields sort order
  • Delivery date option
  • Flexible AJAX updates for checkout page
  • Improved overall performance over 30%
  • Now available in 11 languages (English, Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish)