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Magento Smart Suggest

Extension offer personalized products recommendation for your visitors based on their behavior. Analyze products from same category, attribute set, related, upsell and cross sell products.
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Magento Compatibility Magento CE 1.4, Magento CE 1.5, Magento CE 1.6, Magento CE 1.7, Magento CE 1.8, Magento CE 1.9
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Looking for better way to keep your customers browsing your site and increase conversion rate? Smart Suggest brings power of Amazon personalized products offer to your Magento store. With 3 predefined configurable blocks and unlimited number of custom blocks Smart Products Suggest offer your visitors personalized products recommendation based on their behavior. Smart Suggest analyze products from same category, attribute set, related, upsell and crossell products to show your clients what they are looking for.

Live Demo

Check Magento Smart Product Suggest extension demo at our demo store

Smart Product Suggest will help you:

  • Increase conversion rate.
  • Increase number of average page views per user.
  • Show your customers specific products that they are interested in.

Installation instructions and manuals:

Smart Suggest installation instructions

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Increase conversion rate of your store:

Smart suggest allows to increase number of average pageviews per visitor by suggesting products that your visitors could be interested in. Our intellectual Magento related Products module analyze and offers products from same category, attribute set, related, upsell and cross sell products collections.

Offer your customers related products right after adding products to cart:

Magento Smart Suggest extension is provided with flexible Suggest page module. That extension allows easily recommend related products to your customers as soon as they will add any product at your store to cart. Suggest page module is also integrated with Sold Together extension.

Place suggest products blocks at any place of your site:

Smart Suggest extension allows flexible Magento widgets that will help you to place suggested products block in any place of your store.

Fully integrated with Magento Ajax Pro modules:

Smart Suggest modules allows to suggest products in Ajax window using recent Ajax Pro 3.0 extension. That feature allows to show related products to your visitors without reloading entire page.

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