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Magento revenue drivers extensions

There are many ideas on how to improve the online store's performance. Generally you want to your store to be the most attractive and catchy. That’s why you are putting different images and apply widgets on your store pages. Also you’d like to increase number of customers at every turn. Step by step you enable users to share the product info through social media and increase your market reach. Additionally you find affiliate marketing partners because as you know “Word of mouth advertising has a higher conversion rate than your own advertising”. Commonly one of the main goal is to increase conversion rate of your store.The successful conversion means more and more sales. And selling, respectively leads to the higher driving store revenue.Templates-Master team has developed a few very useful extensions for increasing store profits. Please check the popular ones!

Fire Checkout module will improve your store checkout process and increase your sales. It provides full support for all payments and shipping methods, which means that there will be no core modification to install your new one-page checkout solution.

With Social Suite module your customers will be able to share their wishlist, orders and reviews, like your products and categories, and post comments on your products pages. That will create create a social buzz around your store and easily attract new customers and increase number of social signals to search engines.

  • Affiliate Suite - Affiliate Tracking Software for Magento Affiliate Suite - Affiliate Tracking Software for Magento
    Get your own Affiliate Marketing network! Includes simple banner manager and flexible product frame widgets tool. Provides seven interfaces that will help affiliate manager to manage affiliate campaigns, affiliate payments as well as partners information and statistics. Leads to increase targeted traffic as well as of product sales.
    1 Review(s)
  • Magento Easy Banners Magento Banners extension
    Manages banners, pop-up windows and custom blocks at your store right from admin interface. Allows you to track the total number of views and impressions of banner.
    17 Review(s)
  • Magento Easy Spotlight Magento Easy Spotlight
    Free to use Magento module. Create custom products listing blocks based on new products attribute. Blocks can be placed either on home page, category or products' pages.
  • Magento One Page Checkout - Firecheckout 2.0 Magento checkout page module
    Improve your store sales! Allows clients make a purchase faster and easier by providing them a simple checkout form. Supports all major payment and shipping methods.
    78 Review(s)
  • Magento Rich Snippets Magento Rich Snippets
    Easy and efficient way to highlight your store's products on search results pages. Support display of reviews, status and price on SERPs and much more. Provides also author snippets and breadcrumbs.
    6 Review(s)
  • Magento Smart Suggest Magento Smart Suggest
    Extension offer personalized products recommendation for your visitors based on their behavior. Analyze products from same category, attribute set, related, upsell and cross sell products.
    2 Review(s)
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