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  • Magento SUPEE-5344 online vulnerability scanner

    You might have already known that Magento announced a serious security problem. More than 200,000 online stores were affected by multiple attacks, that has been caused by security bug with high level of danger. Many websites become vulnerable, thus allowed attackers gain complete control of the site and its database. Credit cards and users data can be stolen, etc. Statistics show that more than around 60% stores are still under a direct threat of hacker attacks. The sensitive backend database is unprotected, thereby your business can be endangered.

    We bet you want to make sure your Magento website is not compromised. Let us help you. We are glad to share with you our new utility. It was developed for preventing and detecting bugs on your Magento powered store. What you need is only visit our security check page and scan your site for vulnerabilities.

    Our new tool is the first obvious step to providing the website with protective actions. Using our utility, you will be completely warned about the vulnerability. You have to simply enter the URL or a hostname and figure out if your website is secure before malicious attacks by outsiders. Your store is reported to be vulnerable? Help you website! We highly recommend you to apply the security patch SUPEE-5344 released by Magento. It comes with a list of suggested fixes, that will help you to increase your Magento security.

    Don’t leave your website open to attacks! Say Hello to our page! Hope, you will enjoy our guidelines.

  • Argento Flat products page design guideline

    Are you getting excited to hear something new today? Here is how to provide your customers with the best product page possible. As you already know, the new Magento skin Argento Flat was recently launched. It was preceded by the real e-commerce winner Argento template. People met it in 2013. Magento users who have installed Argento rate it 5 out of 5 stars. And now we offer you to check out the new Argento Flat theme. No matter what you sell, we created the perfectly-designed template to fit all your requirements! The completely redesigned product page for Flat design will tell much more to your visitors about the product. The page is powered by professional time-tested modules such as Easy Tabs, Ask it, Sold Together, Brands Page, Prolabels, Lightbox Pro and Facebook Like button. All the extensions make the product page really engaging. Your own rich content will make the Flat unique.

    Let’s find out the highlights now!

    Flat design is mobile ready! Whenever users access the web, they definitely want to keep in touch with your website. Our Argento Flat has a fully responsive design, therefore it fits all screen resolutions. By allowing your customers to browse your store on any mobile device and by giving them the way of an highly available illustration, you gift your visitors with a much improved online experience.


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  • Best example of Product labels design

    Hello. Nice to meet you again. We hope you are doing well. So, we’d like to chat with you about catchy things that will give fresh air to your design context. They improve the online visibility of your store offer and draw users’ attention even before the total exploring of the product. What is it? Right. Meet labels! We think you understand the effectiveness of labels online. It makes products more viewable and looks like an advert in a kind.

    Today we would like to share 16 well-known websites that have great ideas to inspire you. You will surely be fascinated with visually impressive labels. Discover new solutions with us and find your own way to grow the business.


    Do we really need to introduce this website? Amazon is the leading online store available all around the world. It was founded in the USA in 1994 as an online bookstore. Now the company is the most advanced provider of popular goods such as software, games, electronics, toys, food and much more. It’s a famous e-commerce giant with a complete website structure and high-quality products. Get all possible positive experience with Amazon web-pages and check out some informative and awesome labels. All goods are clearly marked. Here you can see bonus deals, sales and special offers for prime members, such as unlimited free delivery or constant discount at checkout.


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  • Argento 1.6.0 with new Flat design is now available!

    Hope you are hungry for something fresh. Today we'd like to give you what you need to wow. Meet Argento 1.6 with new Flat theme! It is fully compatible with Magento CE 1.9.1 and you can count on our great support. Check out a plenty of cool features of new Magento skin. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised of the configurable sticky header, the product page with brand logo or fixed-width layout. By using the Flat theme, you will see the improved integration of configurable swatches and also the refined styles of pagination toolbar.


    Let's look under the hood. More improvements are now available:

    • New Argento Flat design
    • Completely redesigned products page for Flat design
    • Updated logo width for mobile phones.
    • 1x rule added to all srcset attributes.
    • Easycatalogimg widget style in pure theme.
    • Map popup positioning over ajaxpro window.
    • ArgentoPure footer icons bug in IE11.
    • Small logo in chrome browser.
    • Fontawesome styles inside std elements.
    • Fixed compatibility with ajax layered navigation price slider.

    Get more updates and fixes with Argento 1.6. The Ajaxsearch extension provides better scroll perfomance on iOS gadgets and fixed pixelated image on retina devices. A transparent images support was added to Easycatalog Images plugin. It also enables setting of background_color by using widget now. Moreover, some other templates were updated in order to keep satisfying customers. As you see, the Argento is making name for itself. Stay tuned!

  • Case Study: La Mercerissima creative materials in Italy

    Welcome! Today we’d like to share a story of wonderful hobby supplies store “La Mercerissima” is located at beautiful Ladispoli in Italy.

    Company history

    Over the last 20 years our company provides cool hobby supplies for women. Nowadays customers can choose from the wide variety of creative hobby supplies.


    Can you tell us about you company history and products?

    La Mercerissima is the online store specializing in the hobby stuff. It was founded in 1995 in Ladispoli, Rome. Welcome to design your own “hobby project”. By shopping online you can be owner of products for embroidery, cross stitch and needlepoint. You can also find knitting yarn in wool or cotton in our store. Our highly qualified team provides reliable service for all our customers. You can be fully convinced, that whenever you visit our shop, you will get the best offer.

    Can you tell us more about your business and ecommerce experience?

    Our core business is the market of hobbies for women, particularly of the embroidery, wool and cotton yarns for knitting and crochet, creative sewing and everything concerning the crafts. What about La Mercerissima e-commerce experience? We can say, the web-store can rightly be considered the formidable weapon in overcoming the financial crisis that Europe was affected by in recent years. We constantly reported an increase revenue. We think that shopping online is convenient process especially for people sitting on sofa. They can buy a lot of products with friendly price by few clicks.

    Why you have chosen Magento?

    Formerly we set up our store using osCommerce platform. Then we stumbled upon new Magento. We immediately felt it was something that we wanted to get. High potentialities of Magento attracted us at once. Since last years we keep satisfied with our choice. If you ask us our opinion, we still say Yes - we are lucky enough to manage our magento store. As we know all women are passionate about handicrafts. So, we simply sell essential goods for creativity.

    There are dozens of companies on the market. Why did you decided to start working with Templates Master’s extensions and templates?

    At the beginning the integration of new plugins was not needed. But in course of time we realized that we want something to improve users’ shopping experience. Templates Master was the first company we contacted online. We were excited of Fire Checkout extension. After we rated highly the fantastic support, we still refer Templates Master for new solutions.

    What our products do you use?

    We checked out a lot of extensions. Installed modules are: Prolabels, Booster Newsletter, Social Suite, Askit, Fire Checkout, Easy Banner, Sold Together PRO, Rich Snippets, Ajax PRO, Smart Suggest, CDN.


    What is your favorite product?

    We are absolutely inspired of Fire Checkout and Askit plugins. These extensions are mostly important for our store. We recommend everyone to install the Fire Checkout. It’s very useful extension. The Askit helps us a lot to create an original products’ content on the page and at the same time to boost SEO rankings.

    Can you give advice to beginners in ecommerce?

    Some years ago we received nice advice. It sounds like you really need to find exactly yours niche market and do all possible to become a section leader. If you have not an exaggerated budget, it will be hard for you to compete in a crowded market. However people have to be full of creative ideas. Eventually high activity will bring the satisfaction.

    What other extensions that are not available at Templates Master you would suggest to focus on?

    Hmm….(so) we are thinking about integration of RMA type. However we’d like to buy it at Templates Master store. Well, that's it )))

    Do you have any special offer for your customer?

    Sure. We are pleased to announce a 10% discount on the all products for Templates Master clients. Please use the code TM042105-X10. It’s valid until 18 April 2015.

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