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  • 10 Inspirational fashion stores using Magento

    Marissa Collections

    It's no secret that Magento is one of the most progressive e-commerce software. It provides its followers with great features and optimized web-sites' performance. You can actually see that more and more stores have been relying on the power of Magento platform over the years. Magento happens to be a profit-driven decision for boosting online business revenue. Today let's speak about fashion web-stores. A stylish template improved with plugins' high functionality is necessary to make the store successful. Want to see how helpful Magento can be? Some of tasteful website designs were hand-picked in order to show you Magento advantages.

    Let's start with Marissa Collections web-store. It began in 1975 and is situated in Southwest Florida. The most beautiful designer shoes, handbags and accessories you can buy in Marissa Collections web-shop. It is a professionally-made fashion online boutique with a large catalog of products, offering many categories with subcategories so that the top navigation is of high level as well as the navigation on the category page. While looking at the category page, we'd like to note how functional it is. Users are allowed to filter by category, price, size or designer values. They can instantly see what product size is available when hovering over the image. The ajax loading feature is integrated. By scrolling down, you can view more and more products without reloading the page. A lot of room on the page makes the categories' images viewing better, therefore it encourages visitors to add products to shopping cart.

    User-friendly category page

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  • Integration of Magento 1.9.1 Configurable Swatches with custom Magento templates

    One of the most hottest Magento 1.9.1 features is Configurable Swatches module. Unfortunately this extension was not added as standalone Magento core module. It was fully integrated only to Magento RWD theme. Integration and using of swatches for custom themes and even Magento default template got really time consuming task. Bellow you will find instructions how to integrate that swatches with any custom theme. You can also download module files at


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  • 65 Free Magento themes collection

    Templates-Master team is pleased to present you the latest collection of Magento free themes. All of them have been developed by different developers and comes in different styles and under different liceses types. You can use these templates as baseline whether if you are new to online shops or you are already an experienced user. The collection is provided as filtrable grid. So you can sort the themes by compatibility with different Magento versions, responsive and multicolor design support, etc. If you are interested, please check complete collection bellow. Also feel free to contact us if your theme is missing in this post.

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  • 5 popular magento extensions for your store

    Without any doubts Magento Commerce is most powerful open source ecommerce software that you can use for your store. Our team have been working on creating Magento extension and themes from initial release in 2008 and now we have more than 100 Magento products to chose from. Our clients are always asking about what our extensions they should use in order to improve their Magento stores first. Last year we already published list of most popular free Magento extensions. So here we have created list of 5 most useful Magento plugins for your ecommerce store created by our team. We have arranged our extension according to customers benefits and popularity.

    #1 Fire Checkout

    Fire Checkout provides full support for all payment and shipping methods, which means that there will be no core modification needed to install your new one-page checkout solution. Improve your store checkout process and increase your sales today with Fire Checkout. Apply less effort and get more customers. Fire Checkout was created more than 2 years ago and now offer more features then any other one page checkout extension for Magento.

    #2 Mobile Start Magento template

    We have created Mobile Star Magento theme that will help you join new e-commerce revolution and build your mobile presence just in 5 minutes. Mobile Star is specially designed mobile magento template that will work on iPhone, Android and any other advanced phone. The best theme features is that it doesn’t affect your desktop theme and greatly improves your mobile users experience. Recent extension release provided better support of Retina displays.

    #3 Rich snippets

    Every store owner would like to highlight their products among search results in order to get more organic traffic. Rich snippets is easiest and most efficient way to do that. Snippets is few lines of text that appear under every search result that give users additional information about your store products offer. According to SEOMOZ you can get up to 30% click through rate increase with Google Rich Snippets installed.

    #4 Prolabels

    Attracting customers attention to featured products and special offers is easiest way to increase sales and improve inventory management. Are you looking for an easy way to add "Save 49$" labels to your sale items or notify your customers about clearance? Prolabels provide easy and flexible way to create professional looking call-to-action labels for your Magento store. Recent Prolabels 2.0 release was fully rewritten and now offer support for big products databases.

    #5 Ajaxpro

    AjaxPro extension deliver amazing user experience to your customers. Makes shopping at your store easy and fast. Allow your visitors to add products to cart and edit shopping cart content faster. Forget about slow page reload.

    If you have any idea for new Magento extension then simply contact us at our contact form.

  • Top Magento Extensions To Improve Your Business Website

    More and more companies nowadays are using the Internet to advertise and sell their products. This comes as no surprise, especially since the World Wide Web offers unparalleled reach and convenience for both store owners and their customers. With the sheer number of e-commerce sites, however, online business owners must ensure that their websites are optimized to enhance the shopping experience.

    There are numerous site features that must be enhanced to make shopping much more enjoyable for customers and increase conversions for companies. These include search engine optimization, site design and layout, navigation, social network integration, and product presentation. Thankfully, there are numerous Magento extensions available to help Magento store owners address these issues. Listed below are some of the most popular extensions for Magento that can be used to improve a business website:

    Navigation Pro: Site navigation is of utmost importance for online shoppers, and the easier it is to browse a store and find a product, the longer a customer will use the site. This extension from Magento allows businesses to design site navigation easily and includes multiple options for presenting web pages. You can choose among vertical or horizontal menus, which can be drop-down, static or folding in nature. Products can also be grouped into different categories, with each category page coming with its own design.

    Products Highlight: Business owners may need to highlight a few products on their landing pages, especially those that are new or on sale. With this Magento extension, products can be easily filtered according to price, category and other attributes. Businesses can also easily present most viewed and bestselling products using this program.

    Social Suit: A large percentage of Internet users are active social media users, so it’s important for businesses to provide a way to connect with customers using these platforms. Magento’s Social Suit makes it easy to integrate social media functions into a business website. With this extension, customers can easily share their wishlist with friends (who may in turn make the purchase from the store), post reviews, like products and add comments regarding a specific product. Having a strong social media presence is a great way for companies to advertise their products and services as it is inexpensive yet very effective.

    Fire Checkout 2: A company’s success doesn’t rely solely on the number of customers that visit their store or the amount of time a buyer browses products — whether a customer actually makes a purchase is of greater significance. As such, it’s important to make the checkout process as hassle-free as possible. Magento’s Fire Checkout 2 offers customization options that can help create a simple yet effective checkout process. Features include flexible layout, geolocation support, and support for multiple options for delivery and payment methods.

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