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  • Argento 1.6.0 with new Flat design is now available!

    Hope you are hungry for something fresh. Today we'd like to give you what you need to wow. Meet Argento 1.6 with new Flat theme! It is fully compatible with Magento CE 1.9.1 and you can count on our great support. Check out a plenty of cool features of new Magento skin. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised of the configurable sticky header, the product page with brand logo or fixed-width layout. By using the Flat theme, you will see the improved integration of configurable swatches and also the refined styles of pagination toolbar.


    Let's look under the hood. More improvements are now available:

    • New Argento Flat design
    • Completely redesigned products page for Flat design
    • Updated logo width for mobile phones.
    • 1x rule added to all srcset attributes.
    • Easycatalogimg widget style in pure theme.
    • Map popup positioning over ajaxpro window.
    • ArgentoPure footer icons bug in IE11.
    • Small logo in chrome browser.
    • Fontawesome styles inside std elements.
    • Fixed compatibility with ajax layered navigation price slider.

    Get more updates and fixes with Argento 1.6. The Ajaxsearch extension provides better scroll perfomance on iOS gadgets and fixed pixelated image on retina devices. A transparent images support was added to Easycatalog Images plugin. It also enables setting of background_color by using widget now. Moreover, some other templates were updated in order to keep satisfying customers. As you see, the Argento is making name for itself. Stay tuned!

  • Argento 1.5.0 with new Mall design is now available!

    Argento is more than just another template created for Magento. It was created right from the ground based on the best ecommerce stores practices and according to Magento developers guidelines. Powered with more than 15 popular Magento extensions and based on CSS3 it will bring your store to absolutely new level. Recent 1.5.0 release comes with new Mall design and multiply extensions updates and fixes.

    Argento 1.5.0 release include next updates:

    Argento core updates

    • ArgentoMall theme added
    • Left and right columns moved below the main column for mobile devices
    • Product image size increased in list listing
    • Original, not resized product image is now used for lightbox popup
    • Unable to apply font color to the top navigation fixed
    • Ability to override any argento css/templates with custom folder
    • Missing images added to skin folder
    • Fixed bug when & is not rendered as & in category combobox

    Argento Argento design

    • Buttons styles rewritten to use the css gradients instead of image
    • Added ability to set the background for navigation block

    Many css fixes and refactorings:

    • Responsive video and slider styles added
    • Improved Easycatalogimg styles for the homepage
    • Wide price block on product page
    • Q-ty input issue for pure theme
    • Advanced search form styles
    • Footer toolbar styles
    • AjaxPro 'More products' button

    Extensions updates

    • AjaxSearch
    • Attribute and Brands pages
    • EasyCatalogImg
    • Easyslide
    • Easytabs
    • Highlight
    • NavigationPro
    • Soldtogether
    • and much more....

    Find more information on the Argento theme page

  • 65 Free Magento themes collection

    Templates-Master team is pleased to present you the latest collection of Magento free themes. All of them have been developed by different developers and comes in different styles and under different liceses types. You can use these templates as baseline whether if you are new to online shops or you are already an experienced user. The collection is provided as filtrable grid. So you can sort the themes by compatibility with different Magento versions, responsive and multicolor design support, etc. If you are interested, please check complete collection bellow. Also feel free to contact us if your theme is missing in this post.

    Continue reading

  • Argento — Most advanced Magento template created ever

    Argento is more than just another template created for Magento. It was created right from the ground based on the best ecommerce stores practices and according to Magento developers guidelines. Powered with more than 15 popular Magento extensions and based on HTML5 and CSS3 it will bring your store to absolutely new level. Argento was optimized both for speed and SEO, tested in popular browsers and different mobile devices in order to increase conversion and improve shopping experience.

    Argento will scale to fit any browser width and screen resolutions. It will work even on small mobile screens and wide desktop screens. Simply change browser width of template demo and argento will adapt to the current screen resolution and width.

    Argento will provide your store improved HTML structure for better SEO performance including right usage of SEO important tags and html attributes. More than 40 modification was done in order to fix all major SEO mistakes in default magento template structure.

    You can check more info about Argento and view it's demo at our template page.

  • Neat Premium Magento Template is now available!

    Neat Star Premium Theme is new revolutionary Magento template with improved SEO compatibility and additional premium features. It's based on 1 column home page layout with image slider and additional products blocks on main page. This template can be used for any store that need clean and modernt look with improved SEO compatibility and user interface. JavaScript slider on front page is easy to use and also SEO friendly.
    Check Neat Star Premium Magento theme demo at our demo store

    Neat Star Premium Magento Theme features

    • Fluid layout.
    • Tremendously Improved SEO compatibility.
    • Improved HTML structure for better SEO performance (right usage of heading tags and other SEO important tags).
    • Added nofollow attribute for non SEO links (layered navigation, categories listing, shopping cart links and product compare links).
    • Built with CSS sprites
    • 2-1-3 columns layout for better SEO performance.
    • Image slider on main page.
    • Floating toolbar with shopping cart, customer and social links.
    • Newsletter subscribe block on main page.
    • Custom powerfull widget with new, bestsellers, special offer and on sale products on main page.
    • Separate featured products block on main page.
    • Improved product listing toolbar on categories listing page.
    • Design based on 960 grid system.

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