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  • Make your store faster with Magento CDN extension

    Our new CDN extension allows you deeply integrate your Magento store with CDN networks and greatly decrease your store page load time.

    Magento is a leading ecommerce platform now used by a large number of both large and small ecommerce companies. But one of the biggest challenges for major part of store owners is making Magento faster without spending large budget on hosting resources. It’s quite obvious that slow Magento websites will cost sales and it will got your customers down. An easy and low cost way of increasing your store performance is incorporating a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for distribution of your media content to your visitors.

    Our Magento CDN plugin will help you to integrate most popular CDN providers in your Magento store. Installation and configuration is quite easy and all your need to do is simply select right settings in Magento Admin Panel after uploading files. CDN implementation will lets your visitors benefit from faster page loads that will lead to increased sales conversions.

    Our extension allows you to host and distribute product images, categories images, javascript and CSS files on a separate server. This will improve your page load time by moving multiple files request from your server to content delivery network. In case you store has a large amount of traffic then using a CDN will also help you decrease bandwidth cost. CDN also allows to benefit from accessing content from geographically distributed datacenters that will also allows to make page load faster even for customers from other continents.

    Please find more detailson the Magento CDN extension page.

  • Improve your store with Magento Brands and Attributes pages extension

    Today we are glad to introduce our new extension created to make your store navigation better and to improve your landing pages design. It will help you to organize products from multiple manufacturers or genres.

    Our extensions allows to create unlimited number of attributes landing pages and offer complete control over it’s design. Furthermore it also provide 2 powerful widgets that can improve your store design such as brands slider and attributes page list. Extension's capabilities are not limited with just brands pages and you can also use it in order to create pages for different movies genres, books authors or even listing of all available products colors
    Magento Brands extension will help you to create attractive attributes and brands pages, improve your navigation with brands widgets. Please check sample of brand listing page that is supported right out of the box. All brands are grouped in alphabetical order and listed in several columns. Such type of pages works good for stores offering wide range of products.

    You can use almost any attribute such as brand, color, book author or film genre for attributes page. As soon as you create your first attributes page you can add our attributes widget to your store. For example it can be brands listing slider like shown bellow.

    Our extension already completely integrated with our Magento Navigation extension. So for example you can create drop-down list of all brands like shown bellow just in few minutes.

    Please find more information on the Magento Brands extension page.

  • Increase your Magento speed with Page Cache extension

    Are you looking for a way to make your Magento store faster? Tired of paying more and more for expensive hosting packages? Try using our Magento Page Cache solution and it will help you. It was created with only one purpose - make your store faster. Page cache is based on core magento architecture that supports both static and dynamic blocks. Installation is really easy and it works right out of the box. But real power is hidden in additional extension settings that allow to set flexible cache rules based on page, block or any module.

    Magento Page cache will help you:

    • Increase your site speed up to 400%.
    • Reduce your server resource usage up to 50%.
    • Improve your customers experience.
    • Improve your SEO performance with faster site load.

    Please find more information on the Page Cache extension page.

  • Improve your newsletter marketing performance with Newsletter Booster

    We are really glad to announce release of extension aimed to improve your email marketing efforts. Our Newsletter Booster extension provided with built-in Segmentation Suite. It will help you to create customer segments and send newsletter to most interested customers. With proper email marketing you will be able to engage customers, building customers loyalty and drive your store sales.

    Newsletter booster will help you:

    • Manage your newsletter campaigns
    • Track and analyze your newsletters performance
    • Create nice looking newsletters
    • Create customers segments based on customers orders history, geographical parameters and much more.
    • Increase your newsletter efficiency by targeting specific customers segments

    Please find more information on the Newsletter Booster extension page.

  • Reward your customers for sharing news about your store with Social Suite 1.3

    Your satisfied customers are your best advertisers. With Social Suite your customers will be able to share their wishlist, orders and reviews, like your products and categories and post comments on your products pages.

    Social Suite 1.3 is now available with next new features:

    • Reward your customers for sharing news about your store
    • Asynchronous javascript load for social buttons for better page performance
    • Facebook login and Google login feature updated for better user experience

    The greatest new feature of Social Suite 1.3 is "reward for like". Every customer who twitted about your store or liked it on Facebook will get discount code. Such promotion will help your store to increase sales and grow social community. Configuration is also easy and doesn't require any code modification. Right after recent extension version installation you should go to config settings and simply set several parameters for discount promo such as promotion text and URL that will be liked or twitted about.

    After all this settings will be set according to your needs your customers will see floating button on store frontend. Every visitor who click that button will see modal window with social buttons and description of your promotion.

    Please find more information on extension update and see demo at Magento Social Suite page.

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